Discussion in 'RLC' started by auzzy, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. guys any one know how the army teaches you to Drive. I mean do you have to do the same stuff like the theory test n stuff?

  2. Yes, it's exactly the same. You can have as many licences as you like.... You name a type of vehicle and, chances are, the Army's got it. Civvy instructors for the most part (except some of the specialist vehicles) and the best part is IT'S FREE!

    (except that it isn't really. You have to go through months, nay years, of unendurable boredom and a routine that will sap your will to live whilst sporadically deploying to foreign countries at regular intervals...... for as long as you can be bothered to have the Army feed you and wipe your arrse and then finally eject you into the real world where you will be glad to be but will soon start to wonder why you left....)
  3. But like the Murphy's, you're not bitter..........much!
  4. If you're really ambitious - you'll join up, get as many licences as you can including Tanker Driver, and then get out and earn sh*tloads of money without the aggro of op tours, PT and duties! Good luck.
  5. After 12 years I left with everything on my licence but coach and road roller, all free. I'm hazmat'ed to hell and a qualified skid instructor and with many other unique military only instuctor quals, such as cross country and recovery, plus the experience to back them up in real life there are job oppertunities aplenty. I now work as an IT systems manager. Go figure.

    *actually I just want to go home each evening and not be stuck in some grotty lay-by or service area when my hours run out, and I don't have to wash my hands as hard at the end of the day.
  6. I did a snow and ice driving course in Norway, run by an organisation that equates to the RAC or AA over here. The certificates in Norwegian and the only recognisable words are my name and the name of the Norwegian body who did the training, called "Nob". I've decided not to place it on the wall at work with the others chits !!!
  7. :lol:

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  8. bruce, thats not you up at lechie is it?
  9. Whats Lechie?

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  10. back in the day when i joined,(91) good old r.c.t days, you were taught how to drive,where as in civi street you are taught how to pass a test,
    you spend hours in a classroom doing g.m.p's (mechanical principals)servicing,recovery,generally having your grey matter pushed to the limit with endless lectures
    the upstart of it all is you end up as a driver, not someone who can drive(used loosely)
    as far as im aware, you do the theory side the same as the civis do.
    P.S once you've passed you then have to retake your matrix test every year/theatre you dploy to
  11. lechonsfield mate,or does your age preceed that

  12. I think he means Leconfield the ASMT. Fcuk is that place still open ?. I remember I had to stay at Driffield and catch a fcukin white elephant in every fcukin morning. We then had an hour or 2 charging around the nursery slopes ( airfield ) in knackered TK,s before being unleahed on the motorists of Humberside. Parking up in laybys & scoffing those disguting packed lunches you had to collect with your ration card every breakfast. My civiy instr was a good bloke ex Queens regt. He was off one day & I got a right miserable old cnut. Been on the road only 1 hr & I drove straight back to camp up to the gaurdroom and told the Provo SGT if I spend 1minute more with the tw@t I,ll drop the cnut. The Provo was ok with it as this bloke was known to be a knob , but it still cost me 5 extras. Good days though. !!!!

    Regards LT.
  13. So when did the RCT change to RLC?

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  14. formed in april 93 mate from postal & courier-roy eng. army catering corps, r.c.t, ordnance corp and last but not least the pioneer corp,
    a right mixed bag.. do apologise, it is leconsfield, placew is still open, driffield now thers a place, deep joy
  15. yo ho Bruce wondered were you had disapeared to and now i know. H