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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Yarco, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, today I had my Interview and ive been told that I should probably get my selection date in the next few days and It could be as soon as two weeks away! What a result, my advisor was really impressed apparently!

    My first job choice was a driver in the Royal Engineers, I had all my background information, ie training and job brief.

    My advidor told me if I was serious about driving then I should join RLC, Apparently I could be waiting until next January for a post in the Engineers!! :?

    I'm just abit stumped now as to what regiments I should be looking at, I know I should of really asked in my Interview but I was kind of thrown off track when Logistics came into it!

    Any Feedback would be most appreciated!!

  2. From my experience. Given the choice I'd wait and join the Engineers.
    I've worked with the RLC and Engineers, the RLC are a bunch of cowboys that haven't got a clue what day it is, or which end of a truck the drivers seat is!!
    The Engineers will be much more enjoyable in my view.

    To quote many an RLC driver "I'm not the driver, I just drove it here!!"
  3. ok thanks for your advise!

    So do I need to specify a specific regiment or do "I just go where ever I get sent"

  4. According to this 'ere bit of paper, which details vacancies for different jobs in the army, there are actually more vacancies for RE Driver Op (316 altogether) that RLC Driver (51 altogether).

    The RE Driver Op's next vacancy is also much earlier, at the beginning of march as opposed to the end for RLC.
  5. I hope you are just referring to RLC drivers; because you can't mean Ammo Techs.
  6. Could you enlighten me as to where you got this information from please?
  7. My recruiting Sgt gave it to me the other day after my BARB test. It basically shows me every trade which I am eligible for with my BARB result and GCSEs, along with vacancies within that trade.

    Tip, don't sign up to be a recovery mech, places are full until mid 2009.
  8. ok thanks for your feeback anyway mate! sorry to offend but im gonna take my recruiting sgt's word to be honest!!!

    RLC here I come I guess, no reason why I cant bear the Engineers in mind for the future or even Paras or Commandos!!

    Thanks again!!
  9. Dude NO!
    RLC driver, you will be classed as the thickest of the thick. A Trog. Being a pioneer would be a better option (only just). If your dream ambition is to drive for Eddie Stobart when you leave then crack on. Otherwise wait out. Join the Engineers or try for a different Trade\Corp.

    example: RLC supplier\pioneer\AT you will have the chance to pick most, if not all the driving licences you can within the driver trade, without spending a few years freezing your tits of on the vehicle park. Not so much any way.

  10. hmmmmmm :? now ive got a situation on my hands!!

    EDIT: and to be honest mate, I dont mean to offend anyone but im not joining the army to see what people think of my job.
  11. SKJOLD is right yarco, there are so many options out there and many of them will get you the same licences as Driver Trade.

    If you even have only a few GCSE's there a many options open to you.
  12. What cap badge was the recruiting guy??
    Anterior motive???

    Some are only doing that job as it is convenient and it is near to where they live. I would be surprised if he was doing it for the benefit of Queen and Country!!
    Just a thought!! :twisted:
  13. Yarco, what ever you do DON'T join the RLC.

    I'm currently in the RLC Driver Trade and have been for a considerable amount of time (Joined the RCT origanally). The trade is dying a death and has become a constant paper exercise. There is no professionalism and that's why one of the previous post is very derogatory towards us.

    If I could have my time again it would be in the engineers. They have a very good corps ethos and they work damn hard.

    Wait out for the RE job, the recruiter was probaly pulling the wool anyway so if you stick to your guns you might find that date will change.
  14. ok thanks everyone for your thoughts!! Is it not too late to change my job prefernce now though since I have had all my interviews with my advisor and am now waiting for a selection date, I suppose the best thing I can do is ring him and see what he says. To be honest it was the Engineers that caught my attention from the beggining, I like what they're about.

    Thanks again
  15. Ive been reading up on Armoured Engineer, any one got any idea if there would be a wait on that?