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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Steed1988, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Can you join as an RLC driver without already knowing how to drive?
  2. Yes.

    I wonder how many tankies can drive a tank before they start basic?

    You could save the Army a fortune with this idea. Have you considered a career in the civil service?
  3. Yeah! I am joining as an driver In the RLC! phase 2 is where you learn how to drive! x
  4. will see you in there Lady D not been to the carrers office yet but been in the army before and want to rejoin...hopefully quick and easy because civvy life is crap!
  5. Good Good i know it is thats why i joined ha!!
  6. Steed - haven't they told you?? Oh, well..... the army has closed - no money left.... sorry chap!
  7. Why join as a Driver? Am afraid you may be disapointed when you find you DONT drive big trucks all day anymore.
  8. As long as you have no convictions for driving. Speak to the Army careers.
  9. What do they do then?

  10. Drive, come on dont kid me its more like waccy racers!

    RLC-Keep driving untill you hit something
  11. Of course you can now join the most irrelevant trade in the British Army. You will be provided with all the training you would need.

    Yet another lamb led in the slaughter house of the ACIO.
  12. Have served in two Transport Sqn now and even the drivers whinge they dont get to drive enough Exercises and operational tours yes in camp its all maintenance and first parading then sit around drinking brews or inane jobs from the SSM