RLC Driver

I am intrested in this trade and would just like to know what you get up to on a day to day! what do you like about it what courses can you get on so on!!! thanks.
dont do it mate

not unless you like diesel exahust fumes and first parading wagons all day


and i am a rlc driver
Stouty said:
Can you do a mechanic course and that dont sound to bad I love the smell of diesel :p
If you want to be a mechanic then join God's Corps (the REME :wink: )

If you want to drive trucks all day, then be a driver.

If you're super clever and can drive and operate a radio (not at the same time PC Plod), then go for the hallowed heights of Driver/Radio Operator.


Book Reviewer
MSI64 said:
Just been informed when it comes in I have to ask for a JCB six weeks before i want it what a laugh that will be
...and when (if) you finally get it, it'll be the wrong type, or it'll not work!
Can anyone tell me any info regarding getting round rejoining when you have been told you have aestma when you dont?

ta said i could go in but regulars are giving the run around.

Anyone can help??

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