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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Conor123, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. I'm joining the RLC as a driver, passed selection and just waiting for a spot for phase one training, just wondering what its like in the RLC?
  2. what corps/regiment are you in and how long have you served there?
  3. It can depend on what unit you get posted to, if you are quite fit, look at commando logs or 13 air assault with a view of doing AAC or AAP (I hav'nt done either but the people who have are generally happier at those units).
    Drivers tend to be the ones (along with the ATs) from the RLC who move outside of the camp gates when on tour.
    I have a low opinion of the RLC but hopefully things might get better now that recruiting is going up.
  4. Thanks.
  5. In my experience the RLC end up loathing their own so much they try and get postings outside of an RLC unit in a small MT. E.g REME Battalion. These tend to be the most satisfied soldiers. Driver promotion is notoriously slow and to add to that, you will be on the low pay band. Can never understand why people go for it myself, but each to their own I guess. Good luck.
  6. Thanks, but i was told that prospects for promotion are good, it wasnt my first choice of job it was my second first was The Rifles - Infantry and i asked if i could transfer to Infantry if i didnt like it and the officer said "we don't like it when people do that so i wouldnt advise trying."
  7. I'm not sure it's a case of "they don't like it", but they can make it difficult if you are in a pinch trade. After all they will have paid thousands to train you as a driver and will want some return on that. Why were you rejected for your first choice? As for promotion, you will get promoted, just slower than a lot of other jobs.
  8. You were told wrong then mate, I think the drivers promotion is one of the slowest, Give the para or commando course a go, if you like it then think of tranfering to the infantry, if you are wearing a dagger or wings and have all your driving quals the infantry are more likly to want you, I've known a few lads who have transfered to the infantry without any major dramas.
  10. Driver/PetOps whats the difference...
  11. I didnt get my first choice because of confidence and the jerry can carry.
    How do i get to serve with the paras or commando's because that sounds quite good?

  12. They wear dungarees and are fammed up on donkey engines
  13. May a thousand lightening bolts strike your tiny head!
    As i say to every Driver..."we can do your job, but you certainly cant do ours"
  14. You need to talk to one of your training screws in Deepcut preferbly those wearing either (or both) para wings or commando badges. There are normally posters up asking for volunteers to serve at those units, I dont know the fitness standards of the top of my head but to give you an idea the bare MINIMUM for the para course is to run a PFT in 9.18 (9.30 is you can lift a certain amount of weight), you may also want to work on your confidence because you'll need it on either course.
    You can get posted to either unit and receive help before you go on the course, but the fitter you are the sooner you can start.