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Evening gentleman,

I just have a few questions regarding the training for reservist RLC Drivers and was hoping you could help me out.

1. Do reservist RLC Drivers complete the same trade training as full-time regulars?

2. Do reservist RLC Drivers obtain all the licences the full-time regular RLC Driver would?

The reason I ask this is because the only information I can find regarding training doesn’t specify if you obtain any licences further than your CAT C+E. Does anybody know if you also get ADR and motorcycle training for example?

If you need to carry ADR required stores then yes. If you dont move ammo, dont drive fuel tankers and the SQ isn't telling you to move some oxy/acetylene from the Wksp's to his firms welding bay then no. As for motorcycle licence, yes. It will be offered just before someone gets dicked for a mong job!
Nice one, cheers for that. I don’t suppose you know what licences you get from trade training? I understand some licences are only acquired if there’s a requirement for it, but what licences do you get regardless, straight off the bat?
You wont get your motorcycle license.....

Unless you go Postal & Courier trade.
You get truck licence at a local driving school. Then you go to the real Army to learn how to be a Army Driver (convoys, scrimming up, maintenance etc) then go back to your Reserve Unit and eventually someone sends you back to local driving school and put a trailer on the back of your truck to get the +E bit on your licence.
Do you know if the licences are the same as the ones in civvi? Or are they military only? Like could you use the licences to get a job in civvi world or are they different?
They are standard licenses. Ok so i think i know where you are going. If you think this is a good way to get "free" licences then maybe it is. They wont herd you off to a driving school 1 week after crossing the Reserves door. You will need to pass the basic training then when you put the nights in and weekends they will "invest" in you. Once you have got your licenses then you could go to a firm but you will have C licence which with no experience will be useless unless you want to work for a Driver Hire type place which are rubbish. Newly qualified C+E with no experience and a newly acquired ADR......better chance being a taxi driver.
I thought it was a straight C+E qual now. Reservists do attend Leconfield for licence acquisition, fams and combats.
According to the Driver trade Reserves website it seems to be contracted out to local firms with C+E vehicles.
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