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No AEW will always take fire cover.Plus the contracter will cover exercises etc with them save on overtime and T&S. Did anyone ever think we'd see the day civvy firms could use HMAF to increase profit margin
What are you on about? If the AEW retain fire cover on ops who will do it?

To add - any decision to outsource it will have been a military one and secondly, 'civvy firms' exist to increase profit margin, they don't exist for long if they don't.
The RAF will always have service firefighters, even if it ran as a sqn like TSW or TCW did, you may recall seeing as you seem well informed that at one stage the in house bid team look at sponsered reserves like the tank transporter went.
My gripe is this the contract as i see it was set on set levels of fire cover and manning to cover risks and costed as such, now it seems the contracter can slash (and hopefully not burn)cover to cut costs, i have been told that the contracters want the MOD to pay for new automatic fire deluge system to be put it so it can cut cover at high risk sites, in the US accidental discharges have cost massive amounts in clean up and repairs to equipment.
100s of firefighters,some who did many op tours are losing jobs.
Cutting cover and saying the LAFS can look after it is also utter bollocks, you cannot be sure that that retained pump will be on station or even on the run when you come to need it, plus are the local RDS going to know the hazards or water supply on camps,
Next there is the way the AF run, operational needs and emergencey depolyments are no always going to helpfully fall in line with fire section opening hours.
We do not have a vast reserve of equipment, another Donny fire or worse a hanger full of attack hellcopter/F35 up in smoke is not something we can afford be it cost wise or fighting wise.
The contracter was too big to be allowed to go under and was thrown a life line(they may as well been thrown a guideline the MOD will never have the manning to use 1,now).
But ha hoe what the **** eh its only taxpayers money eh,public sector bad/private sector good