RLC Driver Op (vrs IS Eng)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Browsing t'web this morning I noticed this equipment pack for a US Army Hospital. (https://www.mc4.army.mil/configs.asp)

    Eventually this sort of system will end up in our hospitals, although I might be wrong but this equipment would be too technical for the RLC and so this would be another job for the IS Eng to undertake. The RLC may have a role at dressing stations (supporting a couple of laptops) but at hospitals and Med Bde HQ???

    Is the RLC Sigs provision outside their own corps about to stop and will Royal Signals have several extra Bde HQ's to support in the next few years

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  2. It ain't that technical.

    I'm sure the Log IS chaps use kit more complex than this already.

    BTW, a Lexmark t644tn would last about 1 move before it was fecked, even with the nice, green transit case!
  3. We already have a unit whose role is providing CIS Close Support to the JFLogC, so we already have a foot in the G4 door and we (the Corps) are also providing the CIS to field hospitals over in theatre, so bring it on. Like Monkeyspanker says it's relatively straightforward. You'd probably want to remote the whole lot out to an HQ location, unless you enjoyed the company of a bunch of nurses. Oh wait....
  4. Knowing your luck mate, they'd all be male.............and live in Brighton!
  5. Polar,

    The RLC has System Analysts that deal with all that shananigans. (and, of course, they're far better than the Sigs)
  6. Had noticed a number of TA Royal Signals officers working within Field Hospitals setting their own bespoke IS solutions (with the TA RLC just fidling with their Clansman/Bowman Lite equiped FFR).

    Could it be remoted? I heard the medics new system is struggling with the current fixed network infrastructure.
  7. This is similar to a project I worked on for NATO at northrop grumman for field hospitals & fly forward HQs. It was called TVIPS (transportable voice over IP system) it was supposed to provide secure voice & data comms in an air transportable container and could be connected by sat uplink or plugged into the local exchange of the current country they were in. Unfortunately the SPAMs had far too much input at the design level and screwed up the routing. Luckily I was only working on the VoiP security and encryption part, great idea bad design.
  8. If they are supposed to be system analysts then why do they do systems admin/management? Do you think that system analyst reflects their true role? Final question - how do you think their role differs from the IS people in the RSigs (serious question, not a mickey-take)?


  9. Why would you get system analysts in RLC and if so I wouldn't rate any of the specs I've seen (which seemed to not be aware of the systems coming into service and proposing other mickey mouse solutions).
  10. Wouldn't have a clue. Just saw an opportunity for sh1t stirring, couldnt resist.
  11. This Capbadge speciality thing confuses many.

    App Specs are not IS Engs but not in the Royal Corps' for example.

    Nor are the above RLC anlysts.

    Similar confusion to the differences between the Royal Corps' as a whole compared to Signals Plts and other capbadge signallers.

    Besides it is CS Engrs now, which means I get a shot at playing doctors and nurses :twisted:

    Might work out well, the REME could open up their medical tech courses to the CS Engrs, and we could fix the medical equipment too.
  12. Sys Analysts were/are employed to ensure that the main depot systems run correctly, without them dudes you don't get the new shiney kit as the matdems(or whatever they get called now) are rejected :p

    Historically they were RAOC before the assimilation and were employed mainly in Bicester, Donnington and Kineton.
  13. Yes but isn't equipment repair, or diminution of, that one of the main drivers for change i.e. the merge between techs and geeks? Because our hands are tied so much these days with contractual BS, we ain't allowed to fix most of the kit (the G6 paramilitary wing of Atlas, GD, EDS, EADS etc have it sewn up). That has meant a move towards the "soft" side of the job, such as network engineering and overall systems management.
  14. But that is clear distinction, RE, Inf etc all have their platoon/troop signallers. So do the Loggies but at Bde level its again Royal Signals, it seems weird that dressing stations have RLC signallers (not RAMC) but Level 3 AMS units still have RLC signallers, yet its beginning to approach the size of a Bde HQ and then you goto Med Bde level, you don't find a Signal Squadron (or sigs platoon) and the entire AMS Bde comms plan is done by a RLC RSWO.
  15. I didn't mean the actual guys, I meant what they do. Many seem to think of the Corps as a Sig Tp/Plt writ large.