RLC Driver-Interview Friday!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rob-the-biffa, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. :D Hi all
    Little about me as im new,
    My name is Rob,17,wanting to be an rlc driver in the regular army.

    well just to ask a few questions.

    if everything goes well with this interview on friday-12th eg medical and so on... how long does it usually take before you are placed on training after the aptitude tests....- is there anything i could be doing to help to make sure i pass the exam/s? and once ive passed the exams how long is it before you are placed on basic training?(as id liked to be as fit as i can possibly be before). currently running a mile in under 7 minutes.

    (freinds arguement)- are you payed whilst on the 14-20week training or not?

    what are the times needed for fitness levels? to run 1.5 mile and other fitness level's if anyone has any info eg push ups,situps.....

    what is envolved in basic training?

    and if or when they ask me in the interview on friday"why do you wish to join the army"-"because driving and servicing and maintaining vehicle's is a career i wanted to do scince i was 14 and the army offers this with a strong future2".... is that a good reason to join?

    Any other help or info would be very much appreciated!.

  2. Oh dear, remove the names from your post.
  3. uh oh your going to be in soapy bubble :)
  4. Edit your post, take out names.
  5. sorry about that i didnt know.
  6. Yes your paid in training, not that much, until you got to phase 2 training depot

    I did my selection and was at basic training the following week, but you are looking to do a mile & half in under 10 min 30 seconds, which you should get tested on during selection (unless things changed)

    Lower band pay (as of April 2009)Rank From Rising To
    New Entrant £13,377.24
    Private £16,681.20 £25,886.88
    Lance Corporal £20,178.00 £28,372.08
    Corporal £25,886.88 £32,531.64
    Sergeant £29,424.00 £36,204.84
    Staff Sergeant £32,571.72 £41,219.40
    Warrant Officer Class 2 £35,341.68 £42,403.80
    Warrant Officer Class 1 £37,842.84 £45,836.40
  7. right thanks for that. so what would phase 2 be? when i get sent to leconfield? as ive heard that,that is where drivers are trained. also just another question. young lads in the army around 17-18 do most of them have cars?

  8. how many people on average pass the basic training?

  9. dont know the stats for basic, but unless you havent got any illnesses or are some what disciplined you'll do ok, Phase 1 training could be in any ATR around the country, RLC goto Deepcut for phase 2 training, when there is space at Leconsfield you will go up and do your trade training, then be posted to your unit.

    If you have a car you will only be able to take it to phase 2.
  10. Stop flapping. If you're (reasonably) fit, not about to drop down dead from a medical condition, keep quite and work hard (even when you find it difficult) you'll be fine.

    BTW as Driver trade you will be on the lower of the payscales mentioned by DesktopCommando.
  11. ok thanks for the info!

    Cant wait!!:)

  12. right well then heres where i could do with a little help now. so if someone could help it would be highly appreciated!

    so when i go for the interview on friday. where i will no doubt be weighed and height calculated and asked to fill forms out and asked to get my medical sorted and so on.... and have a date made for my aptitude exams. where does it all go from there if my medical and exams go well? all info would help!!!!
    and the stage's and phases that an rlc driver goes through.... i have no liscence's and points etc no car or bike.... so. can somebody please talk me through it and give me any advice along the way would be highly appreciated. oh and what are accomodation's like, will it be like a shared flat with a few there, or is it like a boot camp?

  13. if i have a car whilst im in the army why cant i take it further that phase 2?

  14. Rob,

    Read through many of the other Joining Up threads and most of your questions will be answered.

    Out of Interest, why are you joining as a driver? Is it so that you can get your licences?
  15. partly yes but driving and mainting vehicles is a career i wanted to do when i was 14 and still do and where better than the army.