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Discussion in 'RLC' started by just_jay, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. with any job there are highs and lows and of corse the army is the same.

    i am due to start phase at ATR bassingbourn on 2nd of september. i was wondering on completion of my driving course. i will be posted to my new unit. are they are any units which arent particularly good in the corps. also what are good units to be posted at?? also as a RLC driver what are the chances of going on op's?. thankyou for reading.

  2. RLC Driver = Ops sooner or later (don't worry)

    Good and Bad units - In my view they're what you make them. Each will have it's nuggets/procedures to p1ss you off but they will also have some redeeming features that make it a good posting. It's what YOU make it.
  3. Ditto. Can't put it any better than that JJ.
  4. ok thankyou :) i want to get on op's. its why i joined the army. i wasnt saying it like i didnt want to . although i dont fancy being posted to germany. to many hills. cold. and full of germans .

    well i fully intend to make my time in the army very enjoyable. thankyou for the replies.

    there is a huge RLC base in bicester. but it isnt on the RLC website. to be posted there would be handy.(about 15miles from where i live, i dont get home sick and i do enjoy being away from home. but going on the piss in places you know is better)

  6. Don't dismiss Germany so cheaply just_jay, it's awesome!
  7. Even the last Northern outpost in Germany has loads going for it. Going on the p!ss in Bicester or going on one in any of the following places:


    As they are all within striking distance, I know where my money has been invested in beer more often.
  8. Don't listen to the Mac, he's a smack head! The reason his money lasts so long on the urine is he's usually tucked up in bed by 9 or been knocked out by a pregnant soldier for his lack of PC!
    The only thing thats within his striking distance is the 100m Target (He strugles at the 2 and 3! Usually due to his seatbelt) :lol:
  9. ohh ok then my views on germany have bin some what changed. i maybe looking forward to a posting there cheap beer wooh wooh:p

    so every who had a posting there enjoyed it then yer?
  10. JJ,

    Germany is what you make of it. You will be in the perfect place to launch into alsorts of different places in europe and your cost of living will be cheaper. You get more bang for your buck out there as everything is cheaper anyway as well as the exchange rate being favourable. Or you could sit on your arse in the block playing on your tax paid PS3 (which you could have got tax-free but didn't want to go to a German shop) and whinging about how Germany is rubbish.

    As for wanting to be 15 miles from home then that is up to you. But it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to stay there forever so you may as well go somewhere new and enjoy the opportunities that are given to you!

    Best of luck and enjoy.
  11. i have only realy herd about germany from very opinionated civvi's.. woopsie...

    obviosly i will not be able to stay at that unit for ever nor do i intend onit. there are so many oppurtunities to see the world with the army and i do fully itend to use them. i want to see as much of the world. it was just an enquiry. i will be happy were ever i am posted.

    thankyou J-J
  12. If you come to Germany get yourself on a German oral Course ASAP. This will give you more confidence when out shopping. If you stay in UK may I suggest you start to learn English because you write like a 12 Yr old on a mobile!
    Good Luck
  13. Been a lot of RLC Driver posts of late; don't tell me there are people joining who can write and are not scared of computers...

  14. MMS, i am sorry for my writing i am not very illiterate. probably why i am going to a driver. i will try and right better especially for you ok MMS.

  15. Good to see you want to self improve, I've noted a few mistakes in your last post that you can rectify. Right is something you do during drill, write is something you do with a pen. Lesson no 1 over. :wink: