RLC, Corps Sgts Mess func 28 Jul

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Any Arrse member besides me going?
  2. Not a chance, I’m not going because you are.
  3. Well, I'm just going to have to kick yer scrawny arse when I'm down on Fri lol. Just like old times at Colerne lol. Went there the other day on a recce by the way. Got some nice piccys ye might be interested in to bring back fond memories. Bloody loved that place.

    Catch ye later mate, Baggy.
  4. is that another driver trade reunion?

    I thought you would be happy with your gathering at the WO1s convention or dont you see enough of each other in the Spunkstainer?
  5. Sounds like another demented Stacker out there Cheif Trog, what do you think? :)
  6. surely the "chief trog" is the current fat bloater occupying the Corp RSM slot? has you not infringed his copyright?

    RSM weddings, funerals, and piss ups will not be happy
  7. I'll pass my regards on to him tonight if you want ;-) lol
  8. please do, also ask him why he get his commision converted without having to first prove himself as an effective officer, not bitter just curious as the same rule should apply to all WO1s in senior appointments or none at all
  9. Depends if yer a Stacker or a Trogg. Troggs should get it automatically, especially if yer a Rad Op :) Stackers just play with blankets lol
  10. I'm confused as to why paragorge has such strong opinions on our illustrious Corps when (from his previous posts) I see that he is cap badged SAS!

    *sniff, sniff* I smell bullsh1t!
  11. I feel ford has read into the previous threads too much, you will be aware that a number of individuals are attached to SAS, of which I had the privilidge to be one. No offence taken and no disrespect to the Corp sinply a Dvr observation
  12. Anyway, the dinner last night was absoluetly lovely. We even had yer man and Nookie the bear to entertain us afterwards. The bear was sh1te, but yer man was funny :) Can't remember any jokes though, as I was incredbly drunk at the time.

  13. Sorry paragorge, I have re-read your posts (ref Legion etc) and I stand corrected, you made no such claims, I apologise.

    I hope you'll understand my youthful exuberance because I realised we've worked together and I nearly pissed myself at the thought of baiting you!

    Hope all is well bud and I'm sorry if I was a bit off in the past as I thought you were 1 x w@nker field officer; I now realise you are just a plain old fashioned, straight forward w@nker!
  14. surely you mean shit yourself knowing im coming after you now
  15. No, Chief_Trog is not the Corps Badge. You are obviously threatened by the Driver Trade. Stackers will always be the dregs of the Corps. Up the RCT………..