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Discussion in 'RLC' started by MrHappy, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. What are the prospects at the moment for a YO in the RLC? I'm looking at RLC as a commisioning prospect and what to know what major pro's and con's there are. Also, what are the chances in specialising in either petroleum or Port and Maritime roles?

    Thanks, MrH
  2. First learn to write...spelling and punctuation are a good start. You'll be doing a lot of writing, despite what the leaflets say.

    Then go to the AFCO and ask to chat about Officer careers. Petroleum and Maritime are availiable as Professional Technical Courses for RLC Officers but as with everything, nothing is guaranteed.
  3. I think you have to a couples of years as a troopy first before you can get on any specialised courses.
  4. Forget going for the Petroleum Course. Its watered down now and spends even less time actually touching the stuff, and you still waste your time at a 1/4 of the course at Shrivenham doing Chemistry!
    And when qualified you will deploy with your Tp only for someone like me to tell you that you have no job on tour and you end up doing an Ops job that has no relevance to the course you have just done.
    And then people like me will take no notice of you when you spout some text book quote you learnt on your course that has no relevance to real world Petroleum Operating. You will then be told politely to return to your office to finish off the SJARS before the OC gets back from Cricket!
  5. I'm glad that the 'backbone' of a trade take their time to instruct, mentor and help the young Officers who are keen to enter their world.
  6. Stop ruining the lads chance for Tease it Beat it!!!! Come on over the Pet trade is very friendly!
  7. MSI not only have you not been a field force Pet Op for a long time, but CH is right,they turn up for a 2 year tour and only spend 6 months in a troop. The average PI will do one 2 year tour within a Fuel Sqn and won't be seen again, the OP needs to think about what direction they want to go in and what they want from the Army.
  8. Although the RLC is reducing in size, along with every other cap-badge in the Army, the RLC still has numerous units across the UK and will have a few in Germany until 2015, or thereabouts. There are opportunities to specialise, including working with fuels, as an Ammunition Technical Officer and a few other things. In the past officers serving at 17 Port and Maritime could train to become the 1st Lt and subsequently the Captain of one of our small ships, the Ardennes and the Arakan, but these have long gone. There is still some form of Officers' Port (as in harbour, not the drink) Course, but 17 Regt are now more famed for being this year's Army rugby union champions. There are still ample opportunities for working with big trucks and what we should be calling supply chain management, in every operational theatre and on exercises around the world. However, as others here have pointed out, you won't specialise until getting through RMAS and a couple of years of leading troops.

    If you are commissioned RLC you will have the opportunity to complete a BSc in supply chain management, after having RMAS and the Troop Comds' Course accredited against years 1 & 2 of the degree. Some here will think that to be elitist, but exactly the same degree is available to all soldiers, and many are doing it, especially our non-swimmer brethren.

    Therefore, prospects remain as good as ever, compared to the rest of the Army.
  9. I should of noted to start with that I'm a currently serving soldier going through the commisioning process, so no need for AFCO. Useful info re both trades though and much appreciated. As for ammo tech, my wife does definately not approve!

    Thanks! MrH
  10. The biggest thing I noticed that puts a lot of POs/YOs off joining the RLC is the fact there is no guaranteed Long Course for them.

    I knew a couple of lads who were keen on becoming ATOs. They probably would have made good ATOs. But they were told at Sandhurst "Well, join the RLC first, and then we'll see if you can do it. You might end up a Food Services Officer though. Depends what we need a few years down the line".

    Result - they went elsewhere. Why would you risk spending 2 years as a Tp Comd to be told you're not going to be an ATO, you're going to be a Foodie. Other friends report similar experiences where they wanted to do Fuel and ended up as Posties, etc. The RLC is such a broad church it's only natural that some officers will focus on the bit they really want to do.

    This was a few year ago mind you, so it might have changed since. I hope it has!
  11. You'll want to revise that 'of' is not a verb, then. 😉
  12. This is by far the most annoying part of ARRSE. People trying to show off their own superiority, whilst really wasting their time. I'm sure RMAS no longer want me for substituting 'have' with 'of' on a discussion forum.
  13. I wouldn't worry, if you can't make your own decisions you're not likely to pass the courses.

    I can just imagine you on an IEDD course:

    Q: what next sir?
    Sir: I need to refer up
    Q: OK, who to?
    Sir: The wife!
    Q: ?!?!?!?
    Sir: "hello hunnybunch I want to dispense with my primary soak"
    Q: pack kit, **** off!
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  14. To be honest Dingerr the mere fact he wants to refer up puts him streets ahead of many aspiring EOD Gods!

    'what next sir?'

    'Um, bin all mandatory actions, have sudden brain embolism, walk down to bomb, forget plan, lap, come back again.'

    'ok sir, before that, anyone you want talk to!'


    'hmm, well that saved some time, no2 unload the weapons, sir, follow me into the woods for excruciatingly humiliating dissection of your shocking RSP.'
  15. Really, I thought it was those that fail to use the Queen's English and lack an ability to laugh at themselves. I'm sure your troops would love you, should you get through Sandhurst...but I wouldn't hold my breath!