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Rlc clm snco course 2011

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by strango1217, May 31, 2011.

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  1. I'm due to go on the RLC CLM SNCO COURSE at DEEPCUT (Joy!) just wondered if any1 here has been on it for some tips, advice ect. There is an entrance test based on MK1 over ten hours of learning, hopefully multiple choice. Its the new course which includes plenty of fizz and an exercise apperently?:nod:
  2. Well thanks for all the replies! But having completed the course I can say if you’re attending, be prepared to be treated like a piece of shit, and forget that you’re Sgt for 2 weeks. Best advice I can give you is stick your thumb up you arse and Crow it! Because if mouth off they'll find a way to RTU you! Use those Inval's wisely people.
  3. Sorry for the late reply:
    Be prepared to be treated like a piece of shit, and forget that you’re Sgt for 2 weeks. Best advice I can give you is stick your thumb up you arse and Crow it! Because if you mouth off they'll find a way to RTU you!
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  4. Aaaaahhhhh, it's nice to know our Corps continues to invest wisely in it's people; making them feel valued and proud to progress with engaging, informative, relevant courses that will allow them to move to their new appointment refreshed, charged and ethusiastic to make the best of their careers and throw their all into everything they do!

    Isn't it interesting to look at your first two posts in this thread and see how keen your started and how disillusioned they turned you during the course. I'm guessing it wasn't all down to the "Deepcut Effect" either...
  5. I take it you didn't stag on then?
  6. If that was in reply to my post, I should probably let you know I wasn't there! I was sitting here, gazing mindlessly and demotivated into my computer as usual - the scumbag desk jockey I've become.

    I was just sarcasticly observing that the Corps, despite it's best efforts (at changing the way it does business or just talking about it - obviously the results of both are the same!) is still not managing to motivate it's people...which is a shame.
  7. STC

    STC Swinger

    I'd be interested to hear constructive comments on the course other than it was shit!
  8. Well does 'it wasn't as shit as I could have been' count as 'constructive' because that seems the best you're going to get out of it.
  9. Could say the course is Shit, but that would not be constructive.
    The course is run off the cuff, and is a little hypocritical, could be accepted at PNCO or Cpl CLM level, but the SNCO CLM is not geared for Sgts.
    1. You have already been selected therefore are worthy to wear in your respected trade
    2. Why are you being trained by Sgts that were on the same board as you and have not long passed themselves and therefore take it upon themselves to mess you about?
    3. When are they going to treat you like the grown up you are and actually teach you something relevant and useful which will aid you in future. (Orders i agree with) MK1 should be taught at L/Cpl and Cpl level, if they don't pass then they don't progress.
    Gripes i know but can somebody with an ounce of grey matter and common sense (that word again!!) get a grip and teach what needs to be taught, extend the course if need be, can the Phys (i had no problem with the Phys by the way) and let those selected progress with a little help. Senior NCO should mean the BS stops. (bloody RLC)
  10. Anyone done this course recently?

    Maybe they have changed things for the better.
  11. Yes and it has not changed