:headbang: Just a big thank you to the Corps for the absolutely fantastic tour the RLC Chiefs Ice Hockey Team have just completed in Canada. No we have not come back to gloat that we won all our games in Canada but what a great bunch of sportswomen and sportsmen we met whilst in BATUS.

The hospitality and great humour we recieved whislt being there and the great spirit shown by all. BATUS people you show great attitude and sportsmanship during our tour. If any of you people on here have guys interested in Ice Hockey at any level any cap badge, please visit the links assosciated with the Army Ice Hockey, for the RLC goto www.rlc.domainator.co.uk and follow the relevant links.

It is a great sport that needs to be pushed through the system and to encourage young and old serving members to participate. My first tour of any sporting kind to Canada was fantastic and there is opportunity for anyone with some enthusiasm and ambition to come along and play.

Kit is provided and we have a great team and members in NI, Germany, BATUS who regularly train. Please pass it around.