RLC Chefs SSgt Promotion board

There seems to be some rumours about details of the AGC board but has anybody out there had eyes on the RLC board. I hear there are 56 names on it, the board sat on 12 - 16th March, an eternity ago so somebody must know something. Any details would be helpful, cheers !!!! :(
davie88 said:
I appreciate your time and research but this is the 2006 board im afraid !! Any chance of the 2007 board if you can ?? Cheers !
First day back at work today. And what a day. Got a little sick of the phone calls asking me if I had seen the board. Wouldn’t of minded if I know the board had been published, in fact I still don't know if the board has been published.

Needless to say I ignored the phone after the 18th call.

Has the board been published? Obviously the 2007 board!
The board should have been published last Thu (first Thu in Apr) but was delayed as it clashed with Easter. It is public at 0900 Z on 12 Apr 07. Units have the signal.
Can anyone PM me a copy of the board as Armynet is slow as ever and my units on Easter stand down.

Thanks kidz...
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