RLC Chefs on the TV

Maybe it was a cry for help, a bit like flying the union flag upside down.

"Not only does it show great disrespect to a nation to fly its flag upside down, but an upside-down Union Jack is an internationally-recognised distress symbol."
Quite possibly, however I fear it was just a cock-up.

Couldn't see the personnel mentioned on yr links however I'll do the bite thing.

1. Believe that it was filmed prior to TRFs officially coming out and chefs in question were issued last minute with no instr as a PR thing. OOps!

2. As my dad used to say "never trust a thin chef!"

When Pay As You Starve comes fully into force and Army Chefs are made redundant as a cost saving measure such discussions will be the thing of history.
The links probably don't work as if you read the original post it was in March 2005.

Now, it being October 2008, well you work it out.

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