RLC Cap Needed


Hope someone can help:

My mate is PWRR and Im RLC, Im going to be his best man at his wedding in July. Were both wearing number 1 dress.

Ive got everything sorted but need a cap to wear with it. Any suggestions? I thought maybe the band at Deepcut might be able to help, but have no contacts there.

Anyone point me in right direction, would be much appreciated.


copy your request to the rlc pages
i tried to get one 2 years ago and percy pigeon and rhq rug rat helped me out.
also look on ebay
and search google

check your pm box


You can pick up plenty of cheap Inf or RE peak caps for about £5, then Costellos and sons can rig it into an RLC for about £22, complete with chin strap and cap badge.


Tried e-bay and rang a few other places.

Some places sell caps, but do not hire them out.

Done really want to pay £ 130 for a cap that Im going to wear for one day.

Anyone got any suggestions?.

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