RLC Boxing Finals

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Kaiser_Sose, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. I just heard that 27 Regt had won the RLC Boxing Finals this year, beating 2 LSR & 13 AA.

    I also heard that they won because the referee had disqualified two of the 2 Reg boxers because they were too good and that it wouldn't be fair for their opponents...

    Now, call me cynical if you like but, too good? How does that work then? I thought that the whole idea of the Corps finals was to establish who the best boxers are....seems a bit weak to me!

    Any thoughts?
  2. In my experience it may be the that individual boxers where removed from the competition due to the fact that they have had prior ABA(E) experience and above the novice standard in which the corps championships is aimed. This has happened in the past and i am sure it will continue to happen, Team managers are to blame. If this is not the case then yes it is wrong to reject talented individuals from these competitions. Talented boxers within the Corp's should be highlighted, i am sure Chris Bessey would be happy to trial them for an Army team place. Had they boxed in prelim rounds. :?:
  3. Hardandfast is right. From what I was told, last year they were able to fight, but this year they changed the rules slightly and teams didn't find out until the start of the prelims. Even though some of the teams were down fighters the standard of the boxers was outstanding. I had a very good night.
  4. 13 AA didn't compete as they were saving themselves for the Army Final the following week in which they subsequently beat 1 A&SH to become Army Champions - well done them.