RLC book "Feeding Tommy" - complete with WWI recipes

But were they allowed more than one sausage each?

Apparently the Germans in WW1 stopped making frankfurters for a time because they needed the beef intestines to make gas bags for Zeppelins.
But why no Rat-o-van?
Interesting read, but some of those receipes at the end sound distinctly unappetising.....
Fish curry and a variation of bread pudding is "unappetising"? You still hungover from last night?
A friend writes:

Dad told me the grub was generally pretty good and plentiful but a good cook was rare. In the line they relied more on cold food though sometimes hot food was brought up depending on the activity of the Hun artillery. Water was tainted with petrol and purification chemicals and was bloody awful. Tea was a major savior.

[You've all likely heard this before. He'd also told me large stocks of bully beef were dumped into shell craters to get the narrow gauge manpowered ammo railways back in service.]
"Bully beef and jam, that's the stuff to give the Troops" was one of my late Father's favourite expressions But then he was a Grenadier so that might explain it

Mark The Convict

'As the conflict progressed, food was prepared nearer and nearer to the front lines and many cooks were killed'

By their own side, or their own cooking?
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