RLC book "Feeding Tommy" - complete with WWI recipes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. But were they allowed more than one sausage each?

    Apparently the Germans in WW1 stopped making frankfurters for a time because they needed the beef intestines to make gas bags for Zeppelins.
  2. But why no Rat-o-van?
  3. Friccase or sauté?
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  4. Interesting read, but some of those receipes at the end sound distinctly unappetising.....
  5. What are you on about? They all figured as school dinners in the 50s and let me tell you my plate was licked clean.

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  6. Yeah but you were starving in the fifties and had scurvey & rickets....
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  7. Rat-o-van?
  8. Fish curry and a variation of bread pudding is "unappetising"? You still hungover from last night?
  9. [no-wah]It's a reference to Blackadder Goes Fourth. Pte Baldrick is cooking for Capt Blackadder and George, rations are getting scarse so he improvises. Rat-o-van, a Rat that has been run over by a van.[/no-wah]
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  10. Wah Shield on.

    Rat-Au-Van - YouTube

    Wah Shield off
  11. Not at all but both of those sound goping...
  12. And TB and polio. But orange juice, cod liver oil, milk, nitty Nora and school dinners made life worth while (well perhaps not nitty Nora).

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  13. Quite right 'Rearwords' you horror.

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  14. You are Paul Britton and I claim my £5.00.

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