Discussion in 'RLC' started by Pantsoff, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Pantsoff

    Pantsoff War Hero

    Has anybody in the Corps been a RMAS blade winner . As we have a bloke at work who said he was. He commissioned in, I think, 98. But I think he maybe telling porkies. His first name would surffice in confirming it was him.
  2. e-mail the RMAS archivist requesting names of award winners for any selected year or range of years:


    Dr Morton used to be the RLC Museum Archivist.
  3. Pantsoff

    Pantsoff War Hero

    Mike- Thanks for that I will get the fcuk
  4. barbs

    barbs LE

    No one has commissioned into the RLC has won the Sword of Honour (at least unless the Corps existed prior to Apr 90 - which it didn't!). Give me a pm with intials and I'll let you know if even that is right.
  5. ieatworms

    ieatworms Swinger

    I know a guy in the RLC TA who got the sword at his TA commision course. Does that count?
  6. 1985 - RAOC Sword of honour. I think he was still in on amalgamation.
  7. Pantsoff

    Pantsoff War Hero

    Ok just to cover my back before I out this "walter" has anybody in the RLC won the Queens Medal?

    This is what he wrote on our internal page at work.

    " XXXX spent one year (1996-1997) living and working in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) , employed as a site based Project Manager on civil engineering, geophysical and communications construction contracts varying in value from US$ 2-25million.

    Upon his return to the UK, XXXXX attended the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, army officer commissioning course, attaining the award of best officer, and was Commissioned into the Royal Logistic Corps of the British Army, serving for four years."
  8. obesa_cantavit

    obesa_cantavit Old-Salt

    Check your PM Pantsoff.
  9. Bomb_Doctor

    Bomb_Doctor War Hero

    Pure Walter...... Out the cnut.

    Post the link to your company website - so we can all email the MD with comments.
  10. Pantsoff

    Pantsoff War Hero

    I would love to however one does need to feed the doris and the kids. Well the kids anyway. I think I might get a slap on the wrist if I did post his email address. Once I out him I will let you all know what happens.
    The slimey FcUK
  11. Bomb_Doctor

    Bomb_Doctor War Hero

    Does everyone at work know you post on here as Pantsoff?

    If not, who's to know??

    Come on - spill the beans! :)
  12. AB_Logs

    AB_Logs Old-Salt


    just check that he doesn't mean winning the Carmen Sword

    Carmen Sword Winner - scroll down to see the list

    His name would be on there if he was awarded with the sword.

    I was at the factory at the time and I was one of a very few (possibly the only) Loggie JUO during '98. As Barbs said - we haven't had a SUO yet. But then, I reckon Barbs has probably had a hand in that somewhere along the line... :wink:
  13. Pantsoff

    Pantsoff War Hero

    nope not on there.
  14. Pantsoff

    Pantsoff War Hero

    This is the email reply from RMAS ref Mike_2817 post.

    "Thank you for your e-mail. I can confirm that since its creation in 1993 no officer cadet commissioned into The Royal Logistic Corps has has been awarded the Sword of Honour or Queen's Medal. I hope this has been of some help."

    I am sorry to say that you Loggies had a complete cnut in your Corps who needs make himself "cool".

    I will oust him.
  15. Pantsoff

    Pantsoff War Hero

    AB not being from your Corps does link illustrate who was the best 2Lt on each Troop Commanders Course?