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Discussion in 'RLC' started by stefdaunt36, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody have an update powerpoint presentation or diagram of the RLC battle org,from SPOD TO A ECH, DSG, BSG etc. I've looked on the Electronic battle box but the publications don't hold this information. :yawnstretch:
  2. Our battles are organised?????

  3. Mad womans sh1te springs to mind.
  4. Write to Comd Wing at DLSS...the Tp Comd cse instructors are probably your best bet. I did and was sent a CD ROM with the 'Cone Show' presentation and a diagram/handout.

    Very useful.
  5. Try counting sheep or even Diazepam :)
  6. You mean ORBAT (Order of Battle)?
  7. The cone show is bollocks anyway; slavishly adhered to by the stupid and uninitiated, totally ignored by MBE hungry commanders. Just put up a picture of a golf bag followed by a Thomas Pink double cuff!
  8. Hear Hear!!! Spot on there Ford, the bloody thing changes weekly anyway...... :pissedoff:

    Perhaps if the powers that be spent more time leading and less time reinventing the wheel, we might all have a general idea which way we should be heading. :thumright:
  9. And here was me thinking this was a joke topic about the Really Large Corps by others only to find out it's a joke topic about the Really Large Corps by themselves!

  10. Did I have to sit through your presentation the other day????
  11. Dangerous thing that leading. Imagine what would happen if you let the officer be in charge at your place.
  12. Heaven forbid that Officers were in charge, that simply wouldn't do for the AT WO mafia!
  13. Good thats established - everyone knows their place
  14. When you get on the licensing panel do you take the oath of Omerta? Any ritual sacrifice? Do you get issued with lee-sure wear?

    Only kidding, AT WOs are no less in the mafia that other trades, they’re all older guys in shit suits!