Discussion in 'RLC' started by Horridlittleman, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. In kit magazine it insinuates that the ACOG sight is going to be issued. Does this now mean that the RLC and other CSS elements will be issued with the SUSAT permanently or do we still have to go through the ridiculous process of training with iron sights, then deploying with SUSATs?
  2. During a recent conference at Deepjoy that was the plan but no confirmed dates for Roll-out.
    No more mucking about with Loan pool SUSATs!
  3. We've got our own, and due to tour rotation have kept them. Go Postal!
  4. yeah about time we got the SUSAT why should we struggle like a tw-t trying to drop a moving target , been banging on about this for years
    we only just got rid of the pathetic bowling bags .
    i dont think the head sheds trusted us with them , incase we broke them maybe :?: , or maybe they think that the (RLC Troggs) will never be that far up front to need them :!:
  5. Nope not true I can remember seeing a recruiting video for thr RCT in JLR's Dalton troop Cpl (P*&l New***) was in it and all had SUSAT the unit in the video was the old 10 reg and I belive they had them as standard due to the role they had ...mind you stand to be corrected :D
  6. Was that the TMs in convoy video with the lads on top cover? If so I was under the impression they where in NI at the time, hence SUSATS.
  7. I cant remember but pretty sure they were coming out of hides/garages in a wooded area pretty sure it was filmed in Germany