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Discussion in 'RLC' started by pvtmccheyne, May 8, 2010.

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  1. hi, im going for RLC ammunition technician and have my selection in a couple of weeks does anyone know what the physical requirements are to pass adsc for amm tech? and also any more information on what they do is appreciated.

    Thanks :D
  2. If you are worried about it you probably aren't fit enough. Nobody in this day and age should be worried about the standard of their phys so long as they can pass their MATTS with plenty to spare (and by that I mean 10's of seconds not 1 or 2!).

    The day of the RLC AT(O)'s being able to errr "ignore" that standards required of the rest of the Army are long gone, if you can't cut it with the rest you will be left behind in some ASP.

    By the way thats the same for everyone who is now in the C-IED fight, not just the AT(O)'s (see thats me being all joint and grown up)
  3. cheers mate, im confident im fit enough i just wanted to know the time of the 1.5 mile run
  4. Normal MATT standards are it so thats 1030 for under 30 and 30 seconds added for every 5 years after that.
  5. oh ok cheers mate that doesnt sound bad at all. And do you have any ideas for things to revise now so im a bit more with it if i get selected?
  6. edit: never mind :censored:
  7. Maths, English and Science would be a safe bet. Be well read in current affairs. Wear a suit, polish your shoes, don't chew gum in the interview and good luck!
  8. Changed recently has it? As I know PFT failures and Biffs (Re-trades) who passed the AT course.
  9. haha yeah well im 17 so english maths and science are pretty much fresh but i mean to revise stuff maybe out the job like ied's and ammunition hazmat ect.
  10. From what I can remember and it has been a few years. The maths and science should be no problem for you. Maybe have a look at some simple mechanical reasoning problems and as everyone always says when there asked this question, wear a suit, wear clean shoes and dont try and tell the selection panel what you think they want to hear.

    If you mean physical selection it has probably changed greatly from when I did it. But it consisted of command tasks. Seeing how you incorporate into a team and the flip how well you command a team.

    There are a few people on here who are currently serving at the AS of A and i'm sure there will be able to shed some more light on the subject.

    All the best anyway.


  11. I did my AT selection in 2006 and there were no command tasks then, I seem to remember the tests being as follows

    Maths Test
    Mechnical Reasoning test (along the lines of 'if this cog turns this way, and that cog turns that way, where does this cog turn)
    Formal Interview with a Warrant Officer or Officer
    A reference test on some technical ammunition publications
    There is also a test on your organisational skills, we were given a page of information and expected to formulate a week-long adventure training package, meeting certain criteria

    There may be others I have forgotten
  12. oh right thanks for all the help. so i take it you are in AT :? do you enjoy it?
  13. on my job description from my AFCO it says phase 2 is a 25 week course and states that it is mainly classroom work and practical sessions. does anyone know what these practical sessions entail?
  14. Learning from 3 telephone sized books
  15. but really the practical and laboratory session?