RLC Ammunition Specialist

Right a little background on me! I want to be an Ammunition Technician. Simple as. Unfortunately, due to me not cracking on and getting the most from school - I don't have the quals needed. So I decided to apply the Army doing something else I'd like to do - but try and re-trade after Phase 1/CMS(R).

However, I've been waiting 2 months for my medical forms to go through - and its got me thinking about civvy street, and some opportunities that may be arising in the near future.

Now I was wondering if anybody had any information on this trade? Obviously I've read the army jobs site


I've read the ARRSEpedia and gather that it is "531_Ammunition_Technical_Support_Squadron" - but is this a National TA unit? I can't seem to find the location for it..

I'm based in the South East - with "221 Field Squadron, 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (Voluntary)" + C Coy 3PWRR a train ride away, which would also appeal to me. As well as a Signals unit down the road.

Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with the AS trade, or any of the units listed? If so - would you suggest applying with the current TA cuts etc?

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