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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Golfer, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice if that's ok. I'm thinking about becoming an Air Despatcher when I join up and am just wondering if anyone here can share their inside info with me. I've done the BARB test (and scored high), I've done the 1.5mile run (and did very well) and am just waiting to go for a selection weekend now.

    The people I talk to (many being ex-army) keep saying "Pick a trade that you can do in Civvy street" and "Oh, if you don't do well as an AD then your superiors just send you off to do the driver role with some other unit, totally away from the aviation scene". While these comments do drag me down, I can't stop thinking about the job. Every time some Hercules aircraft fly over my house (usually in pairs), I run outside like a nutter - totally pumped with excitement & energy and wanting to be up there. Yes, I did look at the RAF but they wouldn't let me become aircrew due to some difference in one of my eyes. The RAF have to have perfection with aircrews today. :roll:

    So.......will the life of an Air Despatcher be rewarding, or will I find myself wanting to switch to the AAC? :?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    (Mods, if this belongs in aviation then please move it. Thankyou.)
  2. If you can package a carton of eggs in saw dust then drop them out of a herc so the troops on ground can make fresh egg banjos then you can proudly wear the AD badge.
  3. A mate of mine has been doing it for a while now and absolutely loves it. I dread the day when his 22 is up and he has to go to Civ Div as he wont have a clue where to start.

  4. Yeah I never had a clue when I got out :roll:
  5. So it's the RAF or the AD lads who decide where to drop?

    Fcukin mong try and spout off on a subject you might have a clue about :wink:
  6. That wasnt a critiscism mate, he is just army barmy and in particular 47 AD barmy and admits himself that he wouldnt have a clue what to do when he leaves and that the prospect of leaving in 9 years or so is already worrying him.

  7. The job is very demanding however very rewarding and you get to visit places very few in the army will get the chance to.

    And you are right,If your $hit you will get feked off :)
  8. My fault Mags just jumped the gun a bit.There's enough lads who have settled in the Lyneham area who are doing well for themselves.Tell your mate I'll see him at the next reunion :wink:
  9. Golfer,

    If you want to know a bit more try and get yourself down to 395 AD TP(V).They will answer all your questions and give you a bit more of an insight into the role.

    Good luck
  10. Hi im just wondering if anyone can help me out? Im due to start my phase 1training for the rlc in 2weeks as a driver and have had a sudden change of heartinstead of being a driver i would like to be a driver air despatcher is there any chance the training staff will let me change my role but stay in the rlc any help would be great thanks?.

  11. Obviously you know the square root of fcuk all.Thick cnut
  12. A good couple of weeks down the back of 'Herky Birds'. Ooooooh

    Yes it is very interesting when you sit there like a fat mong spewing into your sick bag after you've just stuffed your lardy uninteresting face full of inflight rations.

  13. You dont have to change your trade on entering the Army, you can opt to attempt the selection course for AD by contacting the 47 AD trg Wing at Lyneham or by going through your RCMO.

    They will load you on a course and if you pass then you will complete the Basic Air Despatch Course which is about 4 months long, give or take weather. The course includes AD, rigger, sea survival, CAC, quite stringent medical requirements and weekly exams - both practical and academic.

    If you pass that then you will be assigned to one of the two troops and progress your trade as with other RLC units.

    Because it is a selected volounteer unit you can be returned back to driver trade if you are crap, or you fail to move up the required trade standards, or are an admin case.

    The work is in small units, with no real space for someone not pulling their weight, crews go away as 4 or 2 people and often for quite long periods normally commanded by a Cpl or LCpl without contact with the Sqn in direct support of units who expect you to be able to look after your own shit without their help.

    Promotion is difficult, mainly because its dead mans shoes, but you get higher pay and as another poster said exercises and ops in very varied places, more than any other trade or cap badge.

    But there are only 120 ish in the unit, with approx 72 in role AD personnel, and the unit is always well manned and over subscribed. If you have any medical issues what so ever you wont get a look in.

    Its an under used capability, and very few people know much about it. Consider very carefully if it is a trade choice, because promotion can be considerably slower than say driver trade, particulalry in the Lcpl / Cpl levels. Once the novelty of world travel wears off, you may get frustrated that you can't progress no matter how good you are.

    Get advice and info from people who serve there, as an other poster said try and get down to 395, they have regular staff and are one of the very best TA units in the TA, they were mobilised in their entirety for TELIC (but didn't go in the end, for other reasons).

    It is an outstanding unit with a large number of very high calibre soldiers, who would certainly be 1 if not 2 ranks higher if they had stayed in driver trade but it only suits a certain charector type and there are big downsides.
  14. Ok pappa lazaroo thanks for the help but what are the chances they would change my job choice within the rlc if not at what point in my army career would be able to apply for the AD course?
  15. You can apply at any stage to change the trade, you can change it at phase 1 if you speak with yoru Troop staff or on arrival at phase 2. The driver trade part of yoru phase 2 training is the same, even if you attend AD selection course.

    You may even get a brief from the Trg Wing as part of your phase 2 training in which case you can ask again.