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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Young.Gun, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. I am about to start my intial training on 11-10-10, my trade training will be for Driver/Air Despatcher, if anyone could pls give me some more information of the regiments involved in AD it would be greatly appreciated.
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  4. There is only one regular unit that does AD, 47 AD Sqn. 47 Sqn is part of 29 Regt RLC. The Regt is based in South Cerney, the Sqn in Lyneham.

    Somebody will confirm I'm sure but I didnt think you could join straight into AD as they have their own selection process.

    Driver / Air Despatcher - British Army Website
  5. The bottom of the page, area titled "similar threads"
  6. Thank you for the info. Im not to sure what you mean by a seperate selection process for AD, I have past selection to start phase 1 training and I kno if i dont pass the phase 2 I will told to do something else as a trade, but on my joing papers it says that I have the position to do trade training as a Driver/Air despatcher. again thank you for the information on the regiment and squadron.

  7. Correct Dragstrip, and the training wing are very selective (I somehow bluffed it!)
  8. You may have a position however there is plenty of competition for the few course slots so if you don't come up to scratch you will not even make the course and will be posted out. Make sure your fitness and attitude are sorted. Oh and good luck it's a cracking unit
  9. I'd second that. I have never served in 47 but have worked with them on several occasions; cracking bunch (if a little bonkers).
  10. THIRDED . The co-located STABs are a good bunch too!
  11. Start my basics on the 23rd of may. First job choice was air despatch. Can't wait to get cracking on with it. Never know, might end up workin with u. Good luck in basics. I got a while to wait but fingers crossed I'll be ok :)
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Ok, i am going to sound like a complete cnut now but... why? Dont they just chuck things out the back of hercs? and make sure your bags are weighed properly before flying out from South Cerney?

    Not an attempt to get some one to bite by the way, before you jump down my throat :)
  13. They're very speshul in their own right. Why do you think they strut around Lyneham in para smocks with funny coloured hats on.
  14. What's the likelihood of doin anything on the ground in Afghanistan? Are you up in the air all the time or do u have the opportunitys to join the convoys going out to bases?
  15. You sound like your more interested in ground operations, why not join RLC Driver? Have a look at the series Road warriors to see what they get upto.