RLC 5AB Bde Log Bn/Para/Pegy regimental Tie

Trying to pick one of these chaps up, but having no luck. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas or had one they might want to sell. Was even considering contacting 13 AA Pri but 1. dont know if they even have a Pri and 2.wasnt sure of the motif ie: if it had wings and 16AA emblem on it. Any help greatly appreciated.
Cheers ,JD, Tried the AB shop,but they only have the old RAOC ties.This one from memory had the RLC cap badge plus the BBC running through it. Possibly blue in colour. Typically the chance i had to buy one at the PRI in the early nineties was also the time when we all said 'who the feck would want one of those'.....lol funny the things you crave when you get older ...ha ha (Im also looking for an international lrrps school tie...again seen it when i was there and said the same ' who the feck etc'......i ve more chance of winning the lottery i think)
cheers j
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