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Discussion in 'RLC' started by T/J/LeGg, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. just wanted to know if any of uses are in 4 lsr. thinking of applying to be in the reg when i get back in.
    could do with some info on what its like there an stuff you know the what i mean ect cheers
  2. All I know is that its in Abingdon, all Logistics and some REME, they must all be SF though as some of the war stories I was subjected to during a night out with an old friend were draw dropping Lol. :sleepy:
  3. Is this the same as get the pants off a lady using stunning wit and charm?
  4. Say again after Just..
  5. A walt hunters paradise for sure
  6. Is that because they have all seen a bit more action than you ever did in your boring career, bore off you co ck. And why would they have to be SF to talk about their "war stories" bellend.
  7. Did a few tours with 4 Sqn. The camp is just ok, area is good and 4 sqns OC is not too bad at all. They are always quite busy and plenty of good tours. It wouldnt be a bad choice, depending on your aspirations and maybe fitness.
  8. Tharg

    I've just checked ARRSE site user rules and it specifically states:

    "There shall be absolutely no positive comments whatsoever regarding Abingdon and the units therein!"

    It must be true as it's in Stacker1's handwriting 8O

  9. Never mind Arrse site rules PT. It's in Queens Regulations for the Army.

    para 999123 states that:

    "Dalton Barracks is a fucking twat"
  10. Steady on flower ! you seem a bit confused, I'm still serving and know full well what that units role is, I was just poking fun at a few sad individuals that felt the need to exaggerate/lie through their teeth about TIC incidents on the very same tour I was on with another battle group.

    Facts fella, stick to them and you wont look/sound like a twat.
  11. sweeny - tell us your facts then, fella. You were being rude about the entire regiment - making you sound like a twat!
  12. (A few sad individuals) I'm sure every unit has them, some more than others ?

    Sigh !!!!! move on I have

  13. Maybe they weren't exaggerating, just maybe they had a little more of an exciting time out there than your boring 6 month tour stuck behind the wire in Bastion, you sound jealous fella, that the young lads and lasses have some stories to tell.
  14. How did I get brought into this?
    Anyway, "The camp is just ok"? Port-au-prince needs less reconstruction.
  15. Sigh !!! look, your obviously upset mate, loggies do a fantastic job and this isn't a teeth arms against CSS or non combatents bashing your looking for, I just poked fun at a few lads that without going into specifics were talking utter nonsense about Ops they had no, excuse the term (bayonets on the ground) involvment in. (FACT)

    Oh and my tour was spent in Minden and Jackson, had a pizza once in Bastion though very nice :oops:

    I promise to post in the grown ups section from now on fella so if you feel the need to have the last word ie.... bore off, cock , bellend then fill your boots. :thumleft: