Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by darbs, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. A mate of mine who is with RLC 65 ports (v) is being deployed to the stan in July. Now is it normal to send out some one who has only done a 2 week course since pass out and his normal job is a engineer with the railways. Is this not sending undertrained people out who could not only put themselves in danger but also other people on the ground. Or is this normal??
  2. Yes.

    It's normal.

    He volunteered.

    And it's 165 Port.

  3. He'll do three months pre deployement training before he goes any how won't he?
  4. Not always, I know of someone who did 3 days! Another only got 9, both we told "we'll make sure you come up to speed in theatre", never happened...
  5. Let's face it - most people, when on training, coast through with little or no interest, and thoughts only of the deployment itself. If you've not been there before, no amount of training will prepare you properly anyway. Deep down everyone's a soldier, it'll all come to the fore when your feet hit the ground.
  6. If he has passed out of training then he is technically a 'trained' soldier.
    Although you should have predeployment training I was told that on the Friday that a TA soldier of my trade had 'dropped off the plot' and I flew on the Monday. Spent the weekend in the shed and the attic looking for kit.
  7. Then i guess it depends on your role? After the two weeks training (Part 1C) then you should know how to defend yourself if need be, if you are not in a front line role then that should be enough perhaps.
  8. Darbs,
    He will be deployed from 165 for 11.5 months. This includes his RTMC training, pre-attachment to the Unit he is deploying with, leave, 6 month detachment, decompression, leave then back to 165. That's how Grantham do their business. No different. If he's not deploying til July chances are he has already started the process. He won't be thrown out of a plane over the Stan with only a spoon to defend himself. Either he is talking shyte to you or you are talking shyte to this forum.
  9. and what will i gain from that?? idiot!!!
  10. Not really too sure what you'd gain my friend but then i'm not too sure why you would start such a half baked thread in the first place.
  11. If he is with 165 then what job will he be doing in Afghan? The last time I looked it is a land locked country! :? However, as has been previously stated, he will be a trained soldier, will be brought up to speed with his MATT's at RTMC, then there will be some continuation training with the unit he is being attached to before he deploys.
  12. Not a good idea to discuss the Line of Communication for very strong OPSEC reasons.
  13. Yeah good point Stig. Not many people will know that Stan is a landlocked country or troops do MATTs before they deploy. This info could be vital if the Taliban were to get hold of it. Good job the enemy don't know how to use Google. You've saved the day

    Hardly Area 51 info is it?
  14. landlocked? MATTS? Google? Many thanks for this vital information, praise allah for the internet and your loose tongue and poor personal and operational security!
    may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your arrse, you infidel pig.

    err where is this Area 51 please?
  15. Sorry to breach OPSEC further, but I know why 165 are deploying to Afghanistan.

    They are going to connect Afghanistan to the sea, via a canal.

    However, the short routes - via Pakistan or Iran - are not acceptable to the US. Instead, they're going to go north, to connect to the Arctic Ocean.

    Please don't tell anybody this.