river crossing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thingymigig, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone advise the cleaning of boots ,especially inside after a river crossing :( :?
  2. Yes id advise the cleaning of boots, if you dont they will eventually become very dirty
  3. Take them off before entering the water?
    Failing that,stuff them with newspaper,then dry very slowly.
  4. I normally find it unnecessary when a bridge or a boat is used.
  5. important point after a river crossing, is make sure you remove any fish from them, otherwise they will start smelling like your mrs after a while
  6. I see what you've done here...Current affairs and river crossing...very suttle :wink:
  7. He's just fishing.............oh the wonders of the net!

  8. Daub them with mud, and put them on a radiator (se t to full blast).
  9. Yes I'd do it inside. Especially if it's raining.
  10. I crossed a river once... never forgave me

  11. Hmmmm!

    6 Down: Clear bishop ahead, took initiative and gave check

    7 letters, 3rd is "I".
  12. Ensure that the boots are sopping, put them on, and put your finger in the nearest light socket. See what I did there?
  13. Washing machine on 30 degrees with no coloureds then some fabric conditioner. Tumble dry and squirt some febreze in them.