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River crossing in battery powered cars!!!

Call me a cunt...

A 52-year-old man died today after the car he was travelling in became submerged in water as it was driven across a ford.
Firefighters were called at just after 9am after a couple and their dog were seen stuck in the car five feet underwater in Headley, Hampshire.

When officers arrived at the ford they found the silver Toyota Yaris had been swept 200 yards downstream.

Read more: Motorist drowns as car is submerged by swollen river and 38 flood warnings are issued for England and Wales after the wettest April EVER | Mail Online

But, and I'm no Hybrid expert, but when being driven at a speed below 30mph the Yaris uses battery power. So not really a very clever thing to-do me thinks!!!
Either way? Bit of a fucking idiot by the sounds of it, if the river swept him 200 yds down stream, Im guessing the ford probably looked a bit deeper than normal?
Battery powered Yaris? First I've heard of it and I've got one... (best check under the bonnet....)

This happened just a couple of miles down the road from me. I work in traffic management for the local council and I put those signs in after months and years of lemming-like individuals attempting to cross and being surprised when their cars turned into boats. It's a ford on a rural road. What do you expect after a few weeks of crap weather.... If you've got a tractor or a proper 4x4 (not one of those pretend 4x4s that are built for the school run only) and live on one of the farms around here you don't want roads like this closed just because some pillock hasn't got the gumption to ignore his SatNav when it tells him to keep going....

The river rarely rises above a couple of feet. It dribbles away to nothing in the summer.
The depth gauge showed 4ft this morning yet this fella decided to plough through... Saddest thing is his dog died too.... (The wife escaped - she was driving btw)
Think thats the ford thats keeps a local with a landy with a whinch in beer tokens and his mates mates amused all summer long when people misjudge it.

Yaris not known for its off road capability bloody stupid way to die.


Try fording anything deeper than about 12 inches in a BMW X5 and see how far you get...............

As for the OP; in case you didn't get it - you're a cunt.
Either way? Bit of a fucking idiot by the sounds of it, if the river swept him 200 yds down stream, Im guessing the ford probably looked a bit deeper than normal?
They are reported as not being local, so the probably didn't know what a dangerously flooded ford looked like. Just drove in because: "It must be safe otherwise THEY wouldn't allow it to be used". It's the same sort of mentality as the sat nav users who turn into a river or up a raiiway track, because the sat nav has told them to do so!!!

Having said that, I do feel sorry for the dog, who was probably the only one in the car with an ounce of sense.

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