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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. This must be the weirdest post I've made but does anyone mess around with rations to make it more enjoyable/palatable?

    I've cheated, buying extras from supermarkets such as Lasagna sheets, cheese, herbs and white sauce, mixing that with a breakfast rations to make an ok lasagna.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    You hungry? Is the ban on taking ORPs home starting to get to you ;) ?

  3. Gawd no, I'm getting a bit picky about my food yes but I don't think the army is going to go organic overnight.... gawd I sound like a ___bian

    Edited cause I went all Liberal Democrat
  4. The best thing to do with them is sling them in the bin then poke off to the local Schnelly.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Lesbians or ORPs?

  6. Depends what the bean flicker is willing to do/look like I suppose.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Or which beans she is flicking?
  8. A thread on compo turned into a thread about lesbians. Quality! Must be a quiet night :D

    I just add Tabasco to everything except the rolled oats or apple flakes (whatever happened to them?) Sorry to get things back on track :oops:
  9. No salted pork?
  10. mmmmmm rolled oats and choc drinks :lick:
  11. yes, dried chillies is an obvious choice. Tubes of garlic paste and tomato paste will also help transform even the most hedious Lancashire hotpot into Dorset delight.

    Little things like Salami, sliced and added to main meals with some dried herbs make them a lot better. salami by the way is high in fat and gives a lot of protine bang for very little, it lasts ages as well.

    Very simple things, just like you see on Ray Meares and River Cottage can help ones quality of live. Pine needle tea is somethig very easy to make, very easy to find but tastes fantastic.

    Any fool can live uncomfortably in the field, being a hard man and eating s**te but to live well, eat well makes the whole thing so much more fun. And we get paid for it too, after a fashion.

  12. Don't, Just before xmas I sat in a "Cooking in the field" lesson for the other recruits, due to my previous service I don't really need to sit in them but do anyway.

    At the end of it I threatened to leave as those 2 items have been removed, seriously how the feck am I supposed to do anything in the morning without my choclate sludge
  13. Simple - tabasco/hot sauce and ground black pepper. Tranforms anything, apart from fruit dumplings in butterscotch sauce.
  14. I thought the whole River Cottage thing was about growing your own veg, or breeding your own livestock, then cooking it.

    Personally I keep rabbits in my bergan, and am growing watercress on my boots.
  15. For all those fans of Tabasco Sauce, I recently stumbled upon a shop selling those tiny bottles that come in MREs.
    Heal's sell them in packs of 12 for about a tenner. 8O