This might be a stab in the dark:

Anyone (as well as me) remember the King Rat and Squeaky Mouse ritual in the International Club (Nash) at Airport Camp, UNFICYP around Feb/Mar time 1974

It was the outgoing guy who became King Rat, and the new boy (incoming) who became squeaky mouse and had to down a litre bottle of Keo Lager in one I seem to remember, and then got clonked on the head with a stick, in a day where a sniff of a bar mat got me pissed.

I left in September that year, a few months after the Turks dropped in and ruined a perfectly good beach party, but I do remember that there was a plaque with all the king rats names on it in the Nash behind the bar, but I guess its been lost in time.

Any King Rats/Squeaky Mice out there? or anyone remember this ritual?

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