Ritual hazing with a Gherkin

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Should have just played freckles!
    A group of Welsh engineering students found themselves in the hospital last month after an initiation ritual gone awry.

    gair rhydd, Cardiff University's student newspaper, reports today that members of the college's engineering department apparently caught food poisoning recently after eating gherkins that had previously been inserted into players' anuses. It was part of a hazing ritual for the department's rugby team.

    Players had created a Facebook event for the initiation (of course), which explained that the endurance tests were designed to test "Strength of Stamina, " "Strength of Character," and "Strength of Stomach." The page linked to photos showing initiations from years past; activities caught on camera included flashing and anal egg insertions. There was also something with toilet paper, where one end was placed between a player's butt cheeks and the other end was set on fire.

    The college's athletic union says that the engineering department's rugby team isn't officially recognized by the university. No word on whether or not there's going to be any disciplinary action.

  2. Well THAT was nicked straight out of Army annals (anals??) Convoy cock and rigger mentioned it in Map of Africa!!
  3. That's where my dad studied Mining Engineering...... YCH A FIE :shock: :shock:
  4. What's wrong with the good old fashioned broomhandle ?
  5. Think of the poor traumatized gherkin! :? Surely there would have been counselors at the A & E to attend to his needs. :? :p
  6. Black pudding is best, with root vegetables being the vegetarian alternative...

    I thought you only did that when a bull night was looming?
  7. I'm not really familiar with the practise but I'm reminded of an edition of Channel 4 Dispatches about male rape and one bloke who was in the army and referred to as "Doris " told on an iniation ceremony when the platoon shoved a broomhandle up his bottom . He went to court and the judge threw the case out because " it was a bit of a joke that went to far . " Cut to Doris whining " I felt like standing up and saying you six jurors hold the judge down and get his trousers off . You six jurors you take this broomhandle and stick it up his fcuking arrse . See how he likes that for a bit of a joke "

    Not sure what regiment Doris was in . I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Kings Own Scottish Buggerers