Just visiting but could somebody PM me and tell me how many RITSO's there are now (posts) - I believe the first was appointed at 19 and he is doing a fine job of that !!! :twisted: he can not help being welsh :wink:
Theoretically speaking, all Gunner Field Regiments have one - it's called BK HQ Bty - in whatever incarnation. 19 Regt RA went down this road as the first 'digitised' Artillery Regiment.

And as to the mad Welshman - top chap - sometimes get the feeling he thinks he invented radios...

The Term RICSO was binned by C2DC last year and is to be rferred to to as RSO just as the good old days, as for posts, there is an andercurrent move to push LE officers in that direction who have had previous CIS background, not official mind you, just a way of thinking.
Sounds like the best way in my mind, rather have somewhere to go later on in life than the G4 chain all LE Gunner officers are typically pushed.

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