Rites of Passage

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by easesprings, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. This should probably be in the Training Wing but, I think in here it will generate sufficent banter

    I am constantly being told by my Pl. Sgt. that I have not lived until I have vomited in my respirator. I managed to get through my Assistant NBC Instructors Course without doing so.

    However I had to don said S10 tonight. Not my usually past time on a friday night but the cat managed to shat in 2 rooms of the house and the only way it was to be cleared up tonight was to don said IPE and scrub up unfortunetley I caught a lung full of this stench and the effects got the better of me.

    Needless to say I was soon on the big white phone to God after filling the Respirator.

    Right I am not the first and I won't be the last. So who else has other storise of vomiting in there S10???
  2. There was a bold aviator flying in an aluminum persuit tube who felt a little queasy. Determined not to incur anybody's scorn - or sympathy - he pulled open the neck seal of his immersion suit and parked his lunch within.

    I think that's quite cool.
  3. I trust he was reprimsnded
  4. Once saw a L/Cpl run out of the gas chamber, couldn't see a thing, ran right into a pine tree, fell down and puked in his gas mask. As he was pulling it off, the NBC instructor popped another CS grenade. Then they make him do the gas chamber again! :D
  5. So, cpl as US training goes, they made him chief of staff, NBC ops offr?

    Bunch of girls. I once took me pet spanial in the chamber.....nowt more than a tad peed off, sneezed a bit, wagged tail, licked its arse and bit a few commoners then wanted me to take it on a full inf ICFT.

    You septics truly believe a dose of CS is akin to having a full frontal attack of sarin. You want to try kicking off in Blackpool on a Friday night. If you dont need to carry out full defication drills in front of the rozzers, youve not tried hard enough.

    I'll wager you a Kings farthing that you choppers get at least 4 gongs for undergoing such torturous training too.
  6. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It strikes me as slightly worrying that you managed to get a lungful... It doesn't bode well for being in a proper NBC environment!

  7. flash , that's not the coppers CS , you need to worry about in blackpool , it's the overwhelming stench of cheap perfume eminating from almost every cheap northern slag tottering around the scum pit , that coupled with the faint tang of body odour , because the fat cnuts have been dancing around theitr bacardi breezers , and kebab breath , surely this should be banned under some convention or other!!

    i did the porton down battle run in 1989 , and i didn't spew in my ressie , but on about day 5 , i think i had a little weep to myself in it, f*cking hideous experience ... try building a medium girder bridge in NBC black , normally should take 45/50 minutes , took us 9 hours !!!!
    apparently it was "character building" they didn't tell us that the character they were trying to build was a homicidal maniac with a fear of black rubber masks :roll:

  8. I got the lungfull on the way through to get another beer
  9. Except, the US types actually use their live agent facilities. Namely, pack the lads into a hangarful of TGD and let them practice their vehicle decontamination drills. Lucky white heather.......

    Mind you, chatting to a fellow gravelbelly then based at Porton, he cleaned his IPE after a trip into the blister agent room by chucking it through the washing machine at home. Can't see the wife putting up with that, somehow.....