Rite in the Rain - Through the System!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RVOps, May 18, 2008.

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  1. RVOps

    RVOps Sponsor

    Rite in the Rain through the System

    Due to repeated requests we have now established a source for you to purchase Rite in the Rain through the system.

    Lyreco are the stationary suppliers to the MOD. This exceptional product, standard issue to ALL American Armed Forces, is now available to YOU.

    For more info on this click here...

  2. Well done RV Ops for putting the boys before profit.
  3. Do you really think they're doing it for nothing?

    When I bought a load of the small booklets to include in Christmas parcels to the troops I bought them from an alternative UK supplier for about 1/3 RVops price.

    Yes they should be available through the system but I will bet MoD are paying twice or three times the cost of what they would be bought direct from the manufacturers.
  4. Ex_STAB- Not sure why RV ops are getting slated here for making a profit :?
    As you have done you shopped around- each to there own, i know RV are helpful and will get you the right kit.
    Plus they are telling us that the note pads are ( if your lucky ) available through the system.
    Fair play to them :)

    My 10pence worth
  5. I'm not criticising them for making a profit. I was pointing out to Axeman that they're probably not doing it for nothing. In fact if they are selling them to MoD at the prices they sell them retail they're doing it for quite a considerable mark up.

    If you do need to buy your own, the plain white page notebooks in yellow cover can be had for £1.73 each from here:
    as opposed to £4.10 for the green/tan covered ones from RVops.

    (US retail price is $3.25 - about £1.66)

    In the US the green or tan covered models are the same price as the yellow surveyor's ones so I don't think that's why RVops are charging over twice the price of other suppliers.

    Full list of Rite in the Rain UK (and worldwide) agents here:

    Full manufacturer's NSN list here:

    When BAe charge MoD/Taxpayer/serving soldier twice the going rate for a product everyone is up in arms about it - fail to see what the difference is in this case.
  6. If I was that worried about getting a waterproof notebook I would get one out of the stationary catalogue. Merely pointing out that you dont see many commercial companies deliberately putting trade someone else's way.
  7. Well if they are, fair enough. Otherwise it looks to me as though they selling to Lyreco so that you can buy through the system. It's a sale either way. Perhaps Lyreco buy from some other importer.

    I don't object to anyone making a profit, I try to! Just pointing out that you can get the same for less than half the price elsewhere.

    For the record, the Rangecard that's in their proposed waterproof e-nirex was created by me - at zero cost to the taxpayer! ;)
  8. EX_STAB I see your point if it is RVop's selling onto the MoD, thanks for putting the links on too i'll see if i can try and get one through the stores? i won't count my chicken's!
    I'd be interested to see if anyone can get these US items throught he Brit system?
    I have a few of these pads ( given to me by a yank ) and they are handy to have on Ex or Op's.
  9. Hi Ex-Stab
    We at RVOps read with interest your comments on ARRSE. RVOps value customer feedback and where warranted, action any pertinent points and issues.
    When RVOps acquired Rite in the Rain we worked hard to make sure the brand was stabilized within the retail sector. Being new to us we sought advice on how to price our product. Without boring you with the details there are many additional factors to be taken into consideration, shipping costs, VAT, import duties and the usual overheads of any retail business.
    Lyreco. Yes we do sell to Lyreco and yes we make a profit, however, it really winds me up, as an ex bootneck, that any service man or woman has to purchase their own equipment, no matter how trivial we may find it. To that end I would hope to make a small profit, not through the man/woman on the ground, but from your employer i.e. the MOD.
    Your breath and typing skills haven’t been wasted. We have taken your feedback on board and have reduced our prices to both you and our military retailers. This should reflect in the next month. Incidentally the white 135’s are not military, but you’re absolutely right, there is no diff in the price. Knowing the prices and comparing them to Centre Maps prices I can only assume (and yes I know what they say about assumption) they are probably being sold as surplus stock.
    Would love to know who your alternative supplier is, maybe we could start purchasing from them too.
    Finally love to have you feed back on the new site we have just created www.rvops.co.uk
    Once again thanks for bringing it back to our attention.
  10. Thanks Andy,

    As I said above, I don't have a problem with anyone making a profit. I quite sympathise with the costs of importing from the US too. I think my other remarks stand for themselves.

    My alternative supplier was Centremaps. I bought about two dozen to send out in Christmas boxes to 40Cdo on Op Herrick. I looked all round (including yourselves) and bought on price. (To be fair the service from Centremaps was excellent too). I don't think they were carrying surplus stock. They had V. large stocks and I got the impression they were a standard item. They are used a lot by surveyors.

    Anyway, thanks for taking my comments on board.

    Best wishes,

  11. Just a couple of the things before i sign off. RVOps does offer discount on bulk and if you go to the following url on the RVOps Rite in the Rain web site


    You will find 16 UK Ops specific downloadable pdf files which in the very near future will be included in the back of the 946 and 980.