Risks involved as a Gunnar

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by monarchoftheglen1, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    Trying to find out what the risks are to life and limb if deployed to afghanistan as artillery :

    1)Are you confined to the base?
    2)Are you out and about doing infantry type tasks

    Thinking about looking into this as a trade but really want to understand the risks, trying to achieve a personal aspiration but also considering the family

    any help will be appreciated
  2. Are you planning on obtaining Norwegian citizenship?

    Basically I'd say that calling yourself Gunnar is no more or less risky than any other name, but I would advise caution if you decide to call yourself Bent.
  3. Stop being a hommo...join if your going to join, if not go back to the safe environment of Mc D's
  4. Oops didn't clock that - funny though
  5. Answers actually worth a sh!Te are very welcome
  6. aww poor ting go and ask mummy what you should do.


    Go Royal Yeomanry and get in a tank
  7. That's good - cheers, to rush in and make a commitment that you don't understand is a bit stupid isn't it? Otherwise why would people go to the careers office and try and get advice before commiting to a trade.

    Be a man and decide for yourself?

    Yeah alright mate
  8. When i served with a gunner unit on telic 3 we were doing an infantry based role, so our risks were the same as theres. The role of a guinner is avaried one and therefore the risks also vary. The guys doing muav in afghanistan are obviously at a greater risk than the gunners in iraq for example.
  9. If you put the uniform on your at risk .No gurantees.We have thousands of soldiers in afganistian and casualties are pretty low% wise.
    Even for the infantry on the tours which were very hetic still good chance of coming home in one piece .
  10. getting killed maybe? :roll:

  11. Almost every capbadge has had a fatality in Afghanistan, it doesn't matter what role you do, even if the risk is cut down you're still at risk, so don't join if you just want to walt about in uniform.
  12. No matter what your trade you are an infantryman first!
  13. I wouldn't go that far.
  14. i believe he means a soldier first, trademan second
  15. WAH!