Risking it in a combat role?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jono8192, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, I am currently in my application process but I haven't specified my 3 chosen Regiments yet.

    A combat role is what most interests me, and it's always been a dream to join the Parachute Regiment. However I keep getting the usual 'I don't want you to get hurt', from the girlfriend, parents etc. I'm not going to let them influence me, but I guess I have the same thoughts as well.

    Obviously like anyone I don't want to be killed or seriously wounded, which is obviously a bigger risk in the Infantry. How do other people think about this and do you just go for it? I know soldiers from loads of other Regiments have been killed and injured as well so there isn't really a 'safe' choice.

    I don't think I'd like to have a role where I am sitting doing nothing, but at the same time I'm not completely sure I want to risk life and limb every day either.

    Anyway does anyone see what I am saying and what would you say?

    Please no flaming as it's a serious subject...


  2. Apparently, the womens auxillary balloon corps have places going, assuming you know your arrse from your elbow, failing that, the RLC is your way ahead.
  3. Yeah thanks what a great answer.
  4. Well the infantry is on the whole much more dangerous. It's still very unlikely that you'll die though. You take your chances at the end of the day.
  5. RAF Regt??? Oh no, forgot, you don't want to be sat around all day :-(
  6. People always tell me there's more chance of getting killed in a car crash than if you went into the infantry. Hmm...
  7. The RAF Regt have lost more blokes than most infantry battalions.
  8. Hey, you asked the ferkin question!
  9. They should learn to map read then!
  10. I guess I should say that I'm more worried about the seriously injured side, although both are terrible and it's a great shame when you hear of another death in the news etc. It's wierd how people still choose to put themselves in that position though, and how you could want to...
  11. No matter what job you do in the army, your still going to have a risk of getting injured or even killed. But you cant keep on thinking im just going to get killed or hurt cause you will end up being a nervous wreck when you actualy go on tour... Course everyone that joins is gonna think about it, i mean i have have but not let it got to me...i have just put it to the back of my mind. When mates say "your gonna get killed, blown up" this that or the other i just tell them to shut it cause its what i wanna do and if something happens then so be it, its what i wanted to do. just put it at the back of your mind mate and try not to think about it as much. As for the regiments go to the royal regiment of scotland or the paras mate ;):p!
  12. Well here are the cold hard statistics for you.
    Deaths by branch :
    Infantry - 160
    RAF - 16
    Artillery - 13
    RAC - 13
    RLC - 8
    REME - 6
    RMP - 6
    Engineers - 5
    R Signals - 5
    Int Corps - 2
    RAVC - 1

    As you can see, enlisting as an Infantryman will greatly increasely your chances of death, and whilst I don't have the figures to hand, I would estimate that the ratios for the injured are likewise apportioned. If your good health is the primary factor in choice of career in the Army perhaps you may wish to look outside the Infantry. This should of course be cautioned with the rider that ALL soldiers in theatre face some likelihood of death or injury.
  13. At the end of the day, if you don't think you can hack it then join something which is safer. Being in the infantry on operations at present though is something you'll never regret doing. It's what the infantry is all about.
  14. I know I can hack it, I'd join this second if it was possible. And I'd agree, I'd say the majority of infantry soldiers would probably rather be in now than at a time when nothing was happening.

    Thanks. Artillery or Engineers would probably be my 2nd and 3rd choices. I just don't know how to make my mind up about it, that's all :(
  15. As said by Falch, and by me in a round about way, if you are that worried, then my first reply is the option you should take.

    If you are that worried about it, you are IMHO, not cut out for the infantry anyway.

    You dont join a unit, with the thought of what it might lead to injury wise, you join a unit (well you did in my day) because you wanted to, or, you wanted to be part of that particular unit.

    I for one, wanted to be a Grenadier from the age of 12, when a Grenadier came to my ACF unit, I was hooked, and told him, I would be a Grenadier one day.
    As it happened, when I joined the Bn, he was my paybloke, and that has nothing to do with pay btw.

    So do yourself, and any inf regt a favour, do no got inf, you are not right for it.

    You dont go inf because you want to die or be injured, you go inf because you love the regt you will be joining, or, on the other toss of the coin, you join inf, because you are that way inclined.

    You are not, so as my first reply, go for either or, because you are more suited.