Found this little beauty on a coverdisc:


There are versions for Linux and Windows or you can d/l the java file and play on any system that supports java
First time I've played it and I'm hooked

Just figured out that you can have a multiplayer game on the same computer or setup games over a network/t'internet connection.
How do play online? Is there a name fo a host?


For a slightly different variation you can try Empire XP 5.2

Download from Cnet, has some maps disabled and can only have 5 players but most options work on the free version.

ostvic said:
How do play online? Is there a name fo a host?
Don't think it's like most online games where there is a dedicated server running. You would need to get a few players together to arrange a time for a game and then have one of the players host it.

Also if you know where to look :wink: you can get hold of Risk II for nothing, which has animated battles and sound.

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