Risk Reduction Run

A genuine RFI:

As I understand it the RRR for the regular army is an entry requirement. The purpose is to check some-one is fit to start training and will not drop dead or suffer severe injury during training. If it is not passed one cannot start training? Is this correct?
14 minutes for 1.5 miles male or female? Is this correct?
Therefore it seems to me the TA should have the same criteria.
Thanks for any info or if anyone could direct me to the DIN I would be very grateful.
I havent clicked the link yet but i can answer based on my experience of being part way though TA basic training. The RRR doesn't become pass or fail untill the the start of part 1C. Its a 15 day course and the first two days are spent doing the weapons handling test, first aid, map reading etc. You also do the run again. Anyone who doesn't pass the lot after a max of two re-tests gets sent home.

In the build up to part 1C you will do the run each time you attend for training, so in my case that was once at the recruit selection weekend, then again on mod 1 and 2 and then three more times on part 1B (assuming you do it over four weekends) so thats 6 goes before you get to 1C.

Oh and its 14 minutes for everyone.

If you are having trouble then the training staff organise remedial PT weekends.

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