Risk Reduction Run Technique

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Range, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I am able to do the run in under 10 minutes, however this is on a route I know (measured distance with google earth, not sure of accuracy though) and with a stopwatch. There are about six checkpoints I'm familiar with and can check my time and increase/decrease speed if lagging or so I dont get too worn out early and am forced to slow later.

    The point is I pace myself to get a good time. I'm not an experienced runner though and not sure how good I would be at pacing myself on an unfamiliar route.

    I'd appreciate hearing peoples experience of the run.
    Could you tell how far you had to go? For instance if the camp is sqaure (ish) and you can see the next corner knowing how many sides you had left.

    Where there any instructors setting a good but realistic pace?

    Many thanks.
  2. PM Sandy the Guvnor. He'll help.
  3. On the day when you setting off in a pack and with a bit of adrenaline you should do fine. I run about 10 min odd on a google map route but run a 9.16 on the test.
  4. Yes and yes for your questions. Just do what ur told , ie; best effort. In addition everything is explained correctly and PTIs make sure you are properly informed and warmed up. You have no worries mate. Good luck
  5. Advice given by our PTIs : Sprint at the beginning. Speed up in the middle. Flat out at the end :)

    What I do is set off at a decent pace, find someone faster than me, desperately hang on their coat tails the whole way round then nail it past them at the end, ideally with some hilarious quip.
  6. That's what I do except the hilarious quip as normally I can't breath or in fact see anymore nevermind talk
  7. Thanks everyone, appreciate the information.

    Awesome, I'll schedule some time for thinking of quips on my rest days.
  8. Every ****** thinks it's clever to sprint off.

    In a word - don't.
  9. The fat mongs will push to the front at the start and set off like Lindford Christie. After 100 yards or so reality will sink in and coughing and spluttering like a Morris Minor they will start coming back past you at quite a rate of knots.

    You must know what your 10 min mile pace feels like by now? Try to maintain that this pace on the day, or slightly faster as said above, and then gun the last 150 yards or so flat out.

    If you are running it in under 10 minutes then unless you are going for 4 PARA you will be considered a phys junkie by TA standards and constantly badgered to attend the PTI course. Sounds like you have nothing much to worry about.
  10. You will naturally run faster than normal when part of a race environment. Don't push too hard too early.
  11. Sort of, but with the route I'm familliar with I know how much I've got left so when It feels like like I'm dying I know how long I've got to endure it for and I think that helps.

    I really haven't been running for that long and my technique is: put fast music on and then run.
    Running 1.5 mile just natrually suits me, I think I've naturally better aerobic fitness than strength. I'ts just chance that I didn't need to train that hard for a run of this distance but I definately need to train hard for other aspects.

    I will do a few sessions of no music and not checking time until the end to build experience of pace.

    I just have visions of the day: This feeling of dying indicates I'm over 3/4 there. Turn corner and see I'm less than 1/2. Brief attempt to man up. Die.
  12. I think you're worrying over nothing. On the RRR the PTI will typically take you on a 'lap' of the circuit to show you the route at a slow pace, in order that you dont take a wrong turn half way round (I have seen this happen!!). This can act as the mandatory warm up before the 1.5 mile best effort.

    This should give you the chance to familiarise yourself with the major landmarks on the route and get into your head roughly how far you have to go as you are tanking it round.

    Best of luck.
  13. If that's the case, that is perfect. I would feel confident at setting my own pace knowing how much I had left. Even if they didn't do that but i'd seen enough of the area to get an idea of the shape of it I'd be happier.

    I'm not really worried, just trying to train gain information to so I can utilise my training time as best as possible. Lets be honest, I could have just trained setting pace without asking any questions but I do feel more confident now I know more of what to expect. Thanks for your help.
  14. The older I get the better I seem to get at this. I recently smashed my personal best. It came by running my tits off over 1.5 miles.

    It hurts. For 9-10 mins. So what?
  15. I agree it takes effort and your going to have to put up with pain to get your best. But I think getting carried away on the day and running too fast early will result in a less than peak performance.

    I'd have to monumentally mis-judge the pace to really muck it up though. I think any inability of mine to set an appropriate pace can be compensated for by, as you say, taking the pain for 9-10 mins (less actually it doesn't hurt at the start).