Risk assessment....eat my shit :-D


I can imagine the authorisation process;

"QHI, what I'm going to do is glue some big cartoon eyes on the windscreen, do a tail rotor handling check at 5' whilst one of the groundies pretends I'm a big dog. Any questions?"

Awesome bit of flying and I very much doubt we could get away with anything like that with H&S nazis and the fun police subduing humanity.
Reminds me of several pilot's what I have known in the past!!
" If you don't stop arguing, the effin maps are going out the window!!" Soest- some time in the early 90's
Yep, nice bit of flying. Night time too. Imagine the noise with two Sea Kings in a stadium. Half of the audience must be tone deaf now. Great stuff.

Must have been a few years ago as the fun police would surely have an eppi now.

NSW or QLD somewhere I guess.
I've never seen anything like that - amazing.

I never realised how much skill some of these guys have, my cat is doffed.

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