Rising Leader for Next Phase of Al Qaeda’s War

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    The "embarrassed American officials,' should be deeply embarrassed! :roll:

    Rising Leader for Next Phase of Al Qaeda’s War

    Published: April 4, 2008

    On the night of July 10, 2005, an obscure militant preacher named Abu Yahya al-Libi escaped from an American prison in Afghanistan and rocketed to fame in the world of jihadists.

    The breakout from the Bagram Air Base by Mr. Libi and three cellmates — they picked a lock, dodged their guards and traversed the base’s vast acreage to freedom — embarrassed American officials as deeply as it delighted the jihadist movement. In the nearly three years since then, Mr. Libi’s meteoric ascent within the leadership of Al Qaeda has proved to be even more troublesome for the authorities.


  2. By fucking christ you post a load of drivel.

    Do you truely believe that Al Queda is the only threat? Or do you just lump all islamic fundamentalism under the same caveat?
  3. I have to ask, every time Trip wire post's something people charge in calling him all sort's of thing's, did he like piss on a photo of the queen and post the video up or something to deserve all the vitriol? :?
  4. No - he does it to build up his post count.
  5. Do we win a prize when our post count reaches a certain number?
  6. A red baloon for every 1000 posts.


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  7. So at my current posting rate, in 15 years, I will win one red balloon?

    It had better be a very big balloon. :roll:
  8. best start getting a shift on myself with this posting lark then.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    There are a few ARRSE members that take exception to my posts, no matter what I post. I could name them; however, one can usually can see who they are after a short while. 'dingerr,' has always made it quite clear, he doesn't like anything I post here and always has a negative comment for my posts.

    IMO, he doesn't seem to care much for Americans, or America, although he denies that, one can usually see, his bias anytime an American posts or there is a discussion or a subject on Americans or America comes up.

    Look at his criticism here. Did I say or did the article I linked to, say that AQ was the only threat? No, it doesn't, nor did I or the article 'lump' the danger from islamic fundamentalism under the same 'caveat.'

    The article, is what it is, a link to an article on a rising leader for next phase of Al Qaeda’s War.


    "Do you truely believe that Al Queda is the only threat? Or do you just lump all islamic fundamentalism under the same caveat?"

    As for 'post count,' I have no interest in such a thing. There is no prize for posts and so far because of a few like 'dingerr,' the reward for making posts has been to get maligned and/or slagged, Not much of an reward/award is it?
  10. Trips, I am not sure where you are going with your original post...

    Correct me if I am wrong but AQ, is effectively a franchised organization....yes there is rump AQ that seems capable of attempting spectaculars...roughly once every year or so, assuming that the 2000 attempted Pacific flight attacks, 9/11, Bali, Madrid, 7/7 and the attempted Atlantic flight attacks are all credited to Rump AQ...it is dangerous but it is not world ending and only has limited leverage over the local branches....Obviously, AQ-in Iraq, AQ-Muhgreb, and JI are affiliated but tend to operate as regional branches.....

    Yes this chap may adds some credibility to AQ's central message, but like the cold war this is an ideological battle within and without the warring parties...this is where a franchised organization is going to have problems....AQ-in Iraq damaged the AQ brand by going after the shia.

    I'm unclear as to your concerns with him, will he be able repair the brand or will the contradictions of his fatwa’s, assuming he is eminent enough to issue them bring the franchise down upon itself?

    AQ are a danger, but they pose the greatest risk in terms of money not lives....wasting gold fighting wars is nearly as damaging as dealing the economic/security costs post 9/11, 7/7 and the Atlantic Bomb plots or for that matter dropping rates 1% after 9/11 and being slow in raising them (No I don't credit AQ with the credit crunch BUT rates went negative in nominal terms as result of 9/11. Greenspan forgot to raise them later and that is another story and another thread...mind you hindsight a great thing).

    I am curious how you would counter this threat and which of the next POTUS's has the best agenda and why their policy will succeed when the others will struggle.

    Unlike you I don't have a vote, although whether I live here in CONUS, Europe, Mid East or Asia....yours and your countrymen's votes will have greater impact that anyone else’s on the outcome of the long war....as an aside where will AQ be on the POTUS's priority list come Jan 09?

    My guess even with McCain it is going to be 3 or 4 at best…Economy, Housing, Iraq (getting out/achieving an endstate), China, and then possibly AQ and AFG….

    here are two good articles worth a read from last weeks economist.

    Terror or China

    Power and Peril
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Do you mean that a AQ Nuke or 'dirty bomb,' in the center of London or New York, would not be a a sort of "world ending," attack? That is after all AQ's stated goal, as I recall. I think they are working VERY hard on it. I'm also afraid they will do it sooner or later.


    "Trips, I am not sure where you are going with your original post."

    Well, I think that at the start of my post, I said "The "embarrassed American officials,' should be deeply embarrassed!"

    This was my way of saying I wasn't pleased that those officials allowed Abu Yahya al-Libi to escape and become a "Rising Leader" in AQ.

    The posted link just gave detail as to who he was, etc. (Background.)

    As for your comments on our elections, etc. that of course is a complex issue. IMO, so far none of the candidates left have expressed any workable plan or either Iraq or Afghanistan and AQ nor any of the domestic issues, that need 'fixing' here, especially border control and Illegals, etc.

    I can say this though, I will not be voting for any Democrats. The biggest reason, other than the normal objections, (Inexperience, Voting record, petty politics racial issues, etc.) is their stand (the two Democratic candidates) and policies on withdrawing from Iraq, before that country is able to handle things themselves, etc. I think it would be wrong.

    So, that said I guess we'll have to disagree on McClain, as he will get my vote and with the party keeping him straight, will IMO get his priorities right. In any case he is the only alternative, right now, for me.
  12. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  13. If I could vote it would be toss up between OBama or McCain..I think they are both honest by the standards of politicains and both are no nonesense guys when it comes to working with international partners (my greatest concern)....oddly McCain is the best choice whilst Obama would generate huge amount of goodwill around the world...sadly the US Government as whole (for constitutional reasons) will likely be too disfunctional to exploit the opportunity.

    Therefore although McCain has less global appeal he will acheive more...and like Obama is likely to find comprimises with congress/house easier...reading Obamas books he is an outcome focused politican rather than one of pure principles....either way I'm okay with either them.....as for her....who my wife voted for in the primary she as slick as her husband and I think more left wing and less open to comprimise that Obama...

    Conclusion, if you want the GOP to rule the governmnet for another twenty years get Hillary in as fast as possible....let pelosi and Hilary run the agenda for two years and then apply a fiscally converative version of the Rove doctrine and the Whitehouse?House/Congress are yours for a generation.....McCain is a one term president and all in all is the best for the US at this moment in time...if he wins especially if Obama does not get the noimination watch out for Obama runnning 12 and 16!.
  14. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I think that if either Democrat is elected, that they along with Nancy Pelosi, who is doing a great job already, of making an arrse out of herself, will do just that, help the GOP.

    I'm convinced that both Obama and his wife are closet racists. The Rev. Wright issues and Obama's standing by him, etc. did very little for me.

    I agree he'll be around again if he doesn't make it this time. BTW: IMO I thought Obamas' line of questioning today, for Gen. Petraeus were VERY campaign related and sort of asinine. :wink: