Rising Damp

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Bris, Sep 14, 2016.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm currently going through the process of buying a 2-bed ground floor/lower ground floor (built on a slope).

    Just got the Homebuyers Report, and there's a couple of walls which have rising damp; not ideal.

    What is the general consensus - buy & fix (and reduce my offer), run at all costs?

    If I were to fix it, what would be a ballpark figure - either per wall or for the entire property? (In North Kent)

    Cheers chaps/chapesses.
  2. I think you need to go and get a quote of someone who deals with damp-coursing. Or at least give the Arrse community a head start and show some images of what they are actually meant to be discussing. HTH ;)
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  3. That's the plan...but on holiday at the moment working off my phone, so thought I'd appeal to the good souls of ARRSE for a steer.

    I'm also appealing to the cretins, but the good souls first!
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  4. If you are also appealing to the cretins i feel bound to say that Leonard Rossiter was spot on and the woman with the big teeth was also good.:bow:
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  5. Stay away from it at all costs. North Kent is a hole.
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  6. [​IMG]
    What? Stop complaining or I'll put the price up.
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  7. ...as a fully qualified professional my learned advice is "it all depends...."

    How much you want the place, how bad is the damp, how old is the property, what else is wrong, what is the asking price and is that a low or high expectation....I could go on but basically you've told us you have a piece of string in your pocket and asked us to tell you how long it is. Sorry

    Oh and where do I send my invoice for professional advice?.
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  8. Offendi

    Offendi On ROPs

    Everything is fixable (nearly)

    How much do you like the place?

    I'd offer on the basis of it being perfect, less the cost of making it perfect. In a lot of cases, fixing damp isn't THAT expensive.
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  9. Yeah, but I'm pretty scummy myself. I feel at home there.
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  10. I'm stuck in Chatham at the moment. Going to Rochester for an afternoon feels like a holiday.
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  11. Fair enough; I've not got a huge amount of information myself on it (only received the report a few hours ago). I'm going to look at getting a firm in for a free quote/estimation and see what they reckon.

    Invoice to 'Bugsy, Hovel 3, The Socialist Workers Paradise of Nottingham'.
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  12. The place is in Rochester itself.

    When I compare it to where I was brought/dragged up, it's like comparing a Aston Martin to a Trabant.
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  13. He shouldn't be hard to find. It's just below the Peoples Socialist Paradise Republic of South Yorkshire.
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  14. As @Offendi said, if it's the place you want, get quote, deduct from asking price. Oh, a mortgage provider may also deduct the expected cost of remedial work from any mortgage offer as a retention until the work is done.so you may have to find some more pennies.

  15. If you see another thread I started on this, we got quoted about 9k for a VERY damp house - turned out the guy was an utter chancer. We paid 5k, withheld the rest and he seems to have buggered off, our surveyor has been trying to contact him for months without success.

    Saying that, he's done a fair amount of work to a pretty good standard, just massively overinflated it so we've only got a bit more to do. What screwed him was the 20% VAT. Very naughty as turns out he's not VAT registered.

    Ours is a 4 BD - we had over quotes from 5-7k which, by our experience, sounds about right.

    Get EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING they are agreeing to do in writing. A lot of our problem was he was so generic and general about what he was doing, we stupidly trusted him.

    Also, don't let them baffle you with jargon. We know **** all about building and he picked up on this. When we went into dispute, we hired a professional arbitration surveyor who put him right in his box. Well worth £500.

    Good luck mate, it's stressful!
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