Rise up against England!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by llech, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. Get back down your pit sheep shagger
  2. Celebrate? Glyndwr? Yes I rmbr th sns f Glyndwr sttng fr t cttgs n Wls wnd by nglsh pple. Th Cnts!
  3. They're just annoyed about us pinching all their vowels.
  4. :) Let them have their country back - and their people can all head back too. And let us have our money / subsidies back ! Same with Scotland ;-)

  5. Why would we want to pinch all your voles?
  6. And you lot can give all your money to France/Normandy or Scandinavia instead where you mostly come from :)

  7. Indeed! Keep The Home Fires Burning.
  8. Men of Harlech! Start a Vowel Movement!
  9. It's ok Johnboyzz they'll come crawling back to the Celtic nations when the want an empire building again!:)
  10. I've corrected that, after all they are full of shite!!
  11. Aye then lets rebuild Offa's Dyke.
  12. You agree with me that they are all cnts then! Heh heh heh!
  13. Heh, its a wonder you didn't go it alone (WHERE ARE THE ******* SMILIES????)
  14. Institute '*nt*rn*t**n*l Typ* L*k* * W*lshm*n D*y'