Rise up against England!

Celebrate? Glyndwr? Yes I rmbr th sns f Glyndwr sttng fr t cttgs n Wls wnd by nglsh pple. Th Cnts!
They're just annoyed about us pinching all their vowels.
Men of Harlech! Start a Vowel Movement!


Book Reviewer
It's ok Johnboyzz they'll come crawling back to the Celtic nations when the want an empire building again!:)
Heh, its a wonder you didn't go it alone (WHERE ARE THE ******* SMILIES????)
Institute '*nt*rn*t**n*l Typ* L*k* * W*lshm*n D*y'
Didnt you colonials get a slap 800 years ago for chopsing off against your masters? Have you now recovered enough for round two?
Tropper wasn't there? He'd have stopped them!
And you lot can give all your money to France/Normandy or Scandinavia instead where you mostly come from :)
Just so, which is why I'm a tall, sun-kissed Nordic love-god with the blood of Beowulf flowing through my veins, rather than an ill-favoured boggart like you .......isn't it?

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