Rise of the Footsoldier

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. you hooligan!
  2. Fine one to talk!
    My neighbour had a copy, watched it last night, it was alright, not great but watchable.
  3. i thought it was really good. it got borrowed by a mate out here and took 3 weeks to get it back, as it flew around the infantry company.

    far better than essex boys anyway.

    "rolling with the nines" was done by the same people - that was ok.
  4. Just read the seminal "Legionnaire by" Simon Murray after a ten year break and I see there was a film loosely based on the book- Simon, an English Legionnaire.
    Judging by the non publicity it maybe a load of pish, but has anyone seen it?
  5. Its a pretty brutal film. Good though. Much better than football factory or green street.

    Scary to think some of the stuff actually happened as its based on a true story.
  6. Yeah I got a copy off Ebay called Deserter no famous names but a very good film set in 60's Algeria, well worth a watch
  7. Gets better towards the end, language is shocking, not something to watch in polite company...
  8. Cheers lads, I got a dutch copy from ebay. Damn fine film . I notice Simon Murray produced and presumably financed it and his wife flew the heli in it!
  9. Loved this film!
    nice n gorey
  10. Its a bag of bollocks.
  11. Just had a look at this site ..its hilarious, wannabe gangsters, gangster worshippers, " my mates harder than your mate", " I met Mad Frank in the Blind Beggar " ," "Is Big Ron harder than Big Reg " :roll: etc etc.

    Probably all live with their mums in the country.

    P.S. I know this posting is ironic considering my avatar :D
  12. The forums on there are filled with more idiots then ARRSE on a Friday afternoon. :D

    The site made a bit of interesting reading for me (When it wasn't all "I knew them, i was their REAL bezzer") on a story i remember vaguely as a young'un.

    Pretty graphic pics in there. Live by the sword.....
  13. Glad you pointed it out to me Steve, its hilarious , why anyone would want to worship these thugs & bullies is beyond me, I'm no gangster and don't want to be, but it seems a site full of saddoes , ( yeah worse than Arrse on a Friday )
    I saw a piece about the guy on whom Rise of the Footsoldier was based and he lives in a two bed flat.........pretty successful gangster eh.

    I might join just to buzz off all the t1ts and tell them about how I was Crazy Terry the Mad Axemans best mate :D