Rise in number of "Oxygen Thieves"

Why is this?

The number of OTs seems to have risen greatly of late - do we have a new gung-ho mod?
It's the new less understanding, non PC version of the arrse. All those users with HIV or AIDS are being hounded out of the bar and being branded as social lepers.
I have noticed the same. Any answers to this ? waaahhhh or is it the non-PC brigade pulling the plug?

I'm all ears????? :D
Not a wah at all - Cutaway, for example?

Or is it a new sub cult where people have discovered how to put it into their signature block? Bit nanny-like otherwise...
if you have to ask you need a slap and a "wet willy"

We are in sympathy with The Late Lord Flash.


I think you will find most of them have adopted OT as their avatar in protest over Flash losing/standing down his MOD status. Real OTs have it plastered over their medal strip.

I've not been here much of late, and have only just read the Flash thread.


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