RIRA upping the ante at chrimbo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bitterandtwisted, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Amazed we can go after terrorists in far away lands but lack the political will to crush the ones at home !
  2. It's time the gloves came off, get these dissident group members back into the nick where they should never have been released from and the Yanks help to wade in, we've been helping them for most of this decade in their 'problem'.
  3. Personally i think there should be a shoot to kill( every single last one the scumbag gypsy wee cnuts).
    But then im biased being from this wee country and from other side of the fence, from these rebel bastards.
  4. This must be very disappointing for the many soldiers who are stationed in NI and now find themselves in a position of not being able to relax and enjoy themselves after a gruelling tour in Afghanistan.

  5. Mong
  6. I know of one Bn in particular who are feeling that they have been sold a complete pup. All the usual promises about a move but what ever you do don't mention the 'war'.

    Its as bad as i ever remember it being- 2 incidents a day, at least 1 serious- find, IED,arrest,public order,shoot etc etc.
  7. As soon as they kick off we:

    Put 3 Brigades of infantry back on streets
    Call out the UDR/RIR Reserves
    Dominate the skies over NI using our helicopters
    Man the check-points and towers and close the borders
    Look to the political leaders to back the fight to the hilt
    Fill the prisons with the freed terrorists
    Un-leash the full force of Special Branch and the Special Forces/Duties

    Any problems with any of the above?
  8. We dont have any spare Brigades
    No Choppers
    No check points left, they tore them down
    Politicians don't have the spine to back it up
    Why fill a prison that cost millions to run per year? Just kill them like we do with any other terrorists we're currently fighting
  9. "servicemen are no longer allowed to carry weapons beyond their barrack walls. Instead bases are protected by armed civilian guards"

    What a great f'kin idea! NOT! Civilian guards? Not even PSNI? Jesus!
  10. Why not use NI as the MRX for Afghanistan?

    Can just see a Longbow Apache ripping up the Falls Road :D FSGs lobbing javelins around and our very own 'snipers'....

    Anyway... I am pretty sure the almight liarbour party have sorted out NI, they have told us so... just like they are being tough on crime, focusing on Education and of course put an end to that pesky bust bit at teh end of boom and bust.

    Oh, thank you for my pills nurse. Now I feel much better.
  11. As Kate Bush once sang ' Arrrrmy Dreamers, Arrrrmy Dreamers'
  12. PSNI are under more stress from the politicians and their appointed reps on county boards to ensure that anything but locking up gangsters is the norm. The new CC appears to be straight out of the Sir Ian Blair school of hugging trees and thinking up smart arrse slogans.

    There's been 22 punishment shootings in an area smaller than Brixton which has passed unremarked on our news pages. The relationship between the paramilitry groups is not as it was in military times. Even allowing for the conduits that existed between them all, the Maiden City loyalist faction(s) are nowadays 'authorised' to sell drugs within the Creggan and Bogside enclaves. All the while the politicos are calling for a downsizing of PSNI numbers. You couldn't make it up
  13. Of course you can make it up. Tony Blair did when he said he was bringing an honourable peace to NI.
  14. I totally agree with you, British_and_Proud looking at it from the same side as you.