Discussion in 'Infantry' started by batfink, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. Barrier technicians or home guard?. Answers please :?
  2. No comment

    Sitting firmly on the fence on this one

  3. Home service maybe, but the 1st Bn....hard as nails
  4. batfink,

    Please don't use the "RIR" abbreviation so prevalent in the NI press. The RIR was the abbreviation for the Royal Irish Rifles and the original Royal Irish Regiment (18th of Foot); to associate those fine soldiers with the punters that are 2, 3 and 4 R IRISH is not on.

    As for your question, barrier technicians or home guard?

    There is no doubt that the Homers are greatly challenged in the motivation, flexibility, discipline, fitness and morale departments but I blame 30 years of bad officers. Using TA punters and rejects from other infantry regiments for so long means that those battalions are incapable of reaching the same standards as the rest of us. Only 30 years of good officers would put it right but that will never happen. It would be better for everyone if President Blair's next 'peace dividend' saw the demise of the Homers.

    Then your question will be a moot point.
  5. Read the last comment and entirely agree, worked with 3 Royal Irish Regiment and the core of the battalion were the salt of the earth. However the officers left much to be desired. Found it a bit disappointing as it reflects badly on the long suffering lads. :(
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I seen in it mentioned on Military forums and thought I would take a gander. Pretty impressive.

    My question is, are the 1st Batt Royal Irish Regiment any good? I have heard reports of them during the early-mid nineties but has anyone any recent experiences of them?

    I was planning to join the Home Service (3rd Batt) but have decided against as I been reliably informed that their demise is inevitable. I've now fixed my mind to joining the 1st but would like some bakground info beforehand.


  7. Spent a couple of months with 2nd Rangers on Trumpet Dance in 87. They were a top notch outfit.

    UDR were pretty fecking hopeless. Good lads though.

    Don't suppose much has changed other than the names.
  8. We had 4 guys attached to our platoon for a six monther in west Belfast. Top lads, even had one guy from dublin who ran rings around the Republicans who only talked in galic.
  9. I was fortunate to work with 8 Royal Irish some years ago and found them to be excellent soldiers. Although to an outsider some of their skills and drills seemed a bit slack, on actually working with them you realised they lived daily with the threat of exposure and possible death (if you look at any memorial to them, you will see for too many it became a reality). They knew exactly what mattered and what did not and were fantastic soldiers as a result with (of course) amazing local knowledge, something you could never build up during any number of six-month tours. Officer recruitment was a problem and when I was with them they had very few young officers other than those who were on attachment, but that did not detract from their ability.

    Sadly 8 Royal Irish no longer exist and I suspect the days of the remaining Royal Irish Home Service are numbered given developments in Ulster today. They receive a lot of stick (I for one gave them plenty), but I shall always be proud of having served with them.
  10. I am 1st batt royal irish and have worked with both Home Service and General Service and to be honest we are both as good as each other. Some of the home service guys that were in Iraq with us were just as good if not sometimes better than some of our guys. But the home service is on it's way out and the 1st batt is always looking for new arrivals. :D
  11. should the best of the HS be used to bring 1 Royal Irish up to strength and independant companies to reinforce other regiments(with a view to at a later date a 2nd bn). And take some of the Part time element and reform a Full TA bn?
  12. I think those who want to shold be given every chance to join the 1st Batt. The HS is nearly finished anyway so why have so many trained soilders leave the force.
  13. a large amount of hs are willing to get sandy - they have years of suitable skills, but land won't entertain it. surely it would help with any manpower problems.
  14. Could you enlarge on this, particularly the "land won't entertain it" bit?
  15. a slightly different subject concerning 1 RIR , I did a course back in the early '90s with a few guys from 1 RIR and found them to be a very nice bunch of lads , one of them was a 22 year full screw who'd had every f*cking job in the battalion , used to wear para wings and said he'd done p company in the '70s seemed to be a bit of a point of ridicule , and he was always the butt of the other lads jokes , ring any bells with anyone?